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Fibre destroyed

Going to try and keep this brief.


Fibre conection from house to the node is severely damaged, I've seen tge cable it is split completely.


NBN took four days to tell me that I need to contact my RSP(optus) despite there site saying network damage is their issue and to cantact them.


Who can I contact at optus to get this actually sorted rather than the standard robo call oblivion until someone "might" be able to help.

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Fibre destroyed

Hi @Net-less 


It's a common misconception but you have no contract with the NBN. Your internet is provided by Optus. If there is an issue with your internet then you need to contact Optus and they'll take appropriate action. In this case they'll contact their supplier (NBN co) and arrange for a technician to be sent out to investigate/repair.


Optus customer service are well trained in arranging this so the sooner you contact them the sooner you should get back on the Net.


Peter Gillespie

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