Fee for NBN relocation??


How come when I moved house and stayed with optus nbn I was charged 2 early termination fees totalling $333 when I stayed with optus on the same plan! I understand if I had to pay for a relocation fee but that's a bit ridiculous and I would have changed providers if I knew it wouldn't be worth keeping financially  

Re: Fee for NBN relocation??


I suggest you find out what exactly the charges are for. Generally Optus will relocate you to another property on the same plan for no fee. Why would there be two charges for one move? 


The only thought I would have is if the house you were moving to was in a NBN ready area but hadn't had NBN installed then the NBN will charge a fee ($250?) to connect to a new house. Same way any new house built today will need to pay $250 to NBNCo to get connected initially.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Fee for NBN relocation??


 Two separate cancellation charges @Jtw1991? That doesn't sound right...


We won't charge you an installation/start-up fee for relocating your service.


If the new property is serviceable for NBN (FTTN) and your missing lead-in cables, you might be charged a new line installation fee, however; that doesn't sound like what's happened here. 


Sounds like a processing/admin error. I can go in and take a look. You’ll need to send us a PM with your details. I need your full name, DOB and account number.


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