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New Contributor krazed0451
New Contributor

Fault management - Reference numbers are useless

Given Optus seem willing to close technical issues without customer sign off you'd think they'd have a fault management engine on their "faults-hub" page... You are forced to call and re-log the complaint through their, quite frankly, abysmal technical support. A way to check and re-open faults on their web page would solve this issue and is standard practice in the majority of support fields.

Off to the ombudsman unless this is resolved this week and I am confident that NBN Co have actually looked at my fault rather than closing it again. This service is pathetic.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Fault management - Reference numbers are useless

Hey @krazed0451, forgive my late response to this one. I'd hope by now that the fault has been resolved. We're actually in the process of a rolling out an online fault tracking system. it's something that we plan on integrating into the My Optus application. I don't have specific dates but it's something that's definitely on the cards. If you still need a hand with this one, feel free to send us a PM with your account details and fault reference number. We're more than happy to follow up on this one for you.

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