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New Contributor
New Contributor

Fasle Hopes for NBN installation.

Not happy! Ive checked and confirmed with sales person an ordered NBN. Since neighbours and whole street has NBN I was assured. Got detailed confirmation of installation address during accepting the offer.


However close to installation date I found out that my address was changed to my neighbours address when they received the modem instead of me. I rang optus again and they wanted me to cancel and restart process again, but this time optus said that only adsl is available and no nbn is servicable at my address. What a waste of hours chatting to optus. I wanted to speak to their team manger to get final confirmation but was sent around from sales to pre service/activation team. But they wont pass me onto their manger or care team. They then just cancelled my order and said no payments will be billed and sent no confirmation of this. Not a happy customer 😞

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