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FTTN two phone numbers one premises

I have built a new house with a granny flat. The electrician/cabler laid in 3 pairs of copper from the pit to the house for future use which is now here. I also had him put in a wall socket near where my modem is located which has telephony and data cabling conecting it to a telephony and data wall sockets in the granny flat. I ported my Optus plan and home number to the new house and now want to connect the granny flat by porting my parents home number. I've transferred ownership to my name with Telstra as initially I was told that I just apply for the transfer and pay an extra $22/month on my account for the second line. Now I have been told that I have to pay $300 "new development fee". I didn't pay anything to transfer my original plan and there wasn't any service to the property previously. I would have rather had it organised so my parents would have their phone in their name and with their preferred supplier. But have been told that I would have to subdivide my land to have two separate addresses or have FTTP and the NTB can have 4 data and 2 voice lines all with different ISPs.  

Is this all true in regard to costs as all the infrastructure is already in place?

Has anyone else done this with a new build FTTN premises?

What have all the home businesses done to get more than one phone number?

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Re: FTTN two phone numbers one premises

All Optus contracts have the following clause:


For nbn™ services, If you’re in a new development and not already connected to the nbn™, nbn™ Co may charge $300 to connect your premises to the nbn™. If applicable, we will bill that charge to you.


So the fee is being levied by NBNCo not Optus. You could try calling them to discuss but IMO you are creating a new residence that NBN will need to setup in their system and be responsible for supporting. 


An alternative might be to drop the second land line? Set up CAT5 cable to the flat that uses your data and she can just use a mobile phone?




Peter Gillespie

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