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FTTN Sync speed cut by 1/3

Hi, had VDSL 2 installed.

Had stability issues.

Was syncing at ~62000 kbps.

Somebody from Optus faults called and tried to convince me that I could (According to NBN co) only achieve 46 MBPS and that I should go on a 50 MBPS plan with optus.

1. I'm not sure Optus even prices such a plan.

2.Straight after the phone call my modem rebooted - Syncing at~ 41000 kbps.

3. I directly told the Faults team guy what speeds I was seeing and not to change the speed profile, he said Ok "I'll call you back in 48 hrs to check" - still waiting.

4. Every time I get on to Optus technical support/chat I get disconnected from someone performing a "line test" or a "port reset", even when I inform them what will probably happen (They are unable to call me back or offer anything else in the way of a ticket number etc)



- Nobody will connect me to the faults team and nobody will tell me what was done to remove 1/3 of my linespeed.

If anyone from optus is reading this or if anyone is prepared to speculate what Optus did to my connection I'm all ears.


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Re: FTTN Sync speed cut by 1/3

Hey @Bushwick, If you're able to send us a PM with your account details, full name and DOB we can organise a call back for you to discuss in detail. 

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