FTTN Phone Connection with BYO Modem




So my house recently got FTTN. 


We did get an Optus modem with built in Phone Support for analog phones. 


The issue is, my family and I purchased a really expensive Netgear Modem Router that has no Phone ports. We prefer to use it for various reasons including the cost. 


So from what I gather, the voice is now VOIP, but not certain. 


Is there equipment we could buy to allow us to get voice working with our current setup? 


We really don't wanna use the provided modem.  


Re: FTTN Phone Connection with BYO Modem


@TopHatCP28, this question comes through the forums quite a bit. 


I've linked some resources below:


Essentially you can use your own modem as an extension/bridge to the Optus supplied modem however the handset itself will still need to be plugged into the designated phone port on the Optus supplied modem. 


For security purposes, SIP settings aren't something that we'll release. If you have a good scroll through Whirlpool you might find a couple of threads from others who've been able to extract SIP settings (not something we recommend or support). 




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