FTTC Ordering Delays


On 1st March my address (along with a raft of others in my estate) went live for nbn (FTTC). As such I put in an order for connection.


I am now 10 days later and haven't evenr received a order confirmation. Went back in store and was today told that FTTC orders don't work in the normal system and they are placed using a web-form, and that there is currently a 4 week backlog in progressing these.


I have neighbours ordering nbn with other ISP's who are shipping the modems within 24 hours and they are connected 2-4 days after ordering. How can it take Optus so long?


Also - After 10 days I have no confirmation of an order, so how do I know if its even been received, If I wait four weeks and nothing has happened do I have to apply again and start the 4 week process all over again?

Re: FTTC Ordering Delays

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I'm not impressed with the Optus NBN process. Its completely non transparent, there's seemingly zero follow up if anything goes wrong (or right) and (dodgy) excuses are rife (along with the promise it will get fixed now before heading off to non transpancy again). This despite the CEO affirming a new and extensive end to end NBN process that would enable the customer to track the entire sign up was to be put in place over a year ago. 


You shouldn't have to resubmit anything but its likely you will have to drive the process and get in touch with Optus yourself fairly soon. Perhaps consider cancelling the order. Find an RSP that does month to month plans and get them to hook you up to the NBN. After that switch back to Optus if you wish.


Peter Gillespie

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