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Contributor Berowra2

Re: FTTC: No existing Telstra lead-in

Hi @kgp,  If you request Telstra to install a lead-in:

  1. As far as I know, they will only do this if there is a NEW service that needs to be installed (e.g. new phone line and signed up for a term)
  2. For new dwellings, it was always the responsibility of the building owner/builder to get the lead-in installed and then organise Telstra to get it connected into the pit/pillar.
  3. Telstra may charge you for the civil works - if it is aerial fed, it could be a cheap option...
  4. NBNCo are reviewing their charging, so what may only cost $250 now may change in a year's time.


My advice would be to wait for NBNCo.  Things are changing daily for them and so you don't want to pay for or lock yourself into a service that you don't want (so you can get a lead-in built), only later to find out that you don't need it.


Yes, it will take longer to get you connected to the NBN than to a premises that is already connected to the technology access, as NBNCo will prioritise already connected buildings first (to meet the Government's mandate to get as many homes connected ASAP), but it will happen.  Waiting is especially true, if your current access is adequate or there a are adequate interim options out there.

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: FTTC: No existing Telstra lead-in

I'd agree with @kgp, If the cost is much more than $300 and/or a long contract is required then waiting for the NBN would still be preferable. 


My area is due to go NBN live in 10 days and I'm also not connected to the Telstra HFC. I'll be interested in how long after that date NBN get around to hooking me up.




Peter Gillespie

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