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I've had Optus NBN since late March, 2019 taking advantage of the 6 month free offer if accept before end of February, coming from HFC cable to FTTC.
I have had ongoing issues with non Internet connectivity (all via Ethernet cabling), with having to reset the black Sagemcom every 1-2 days.
Have had ongoing conversations with Case Managers, Tech support, and other operators and being told that NBN considers 5 dropouts a day as acceptable. Besides that, I don't thinks it's an NBN issue, but the crappy modem supplied.
Have been supplied a replacement modem, and still having the same issues.
I have a landline which plugs into the back of the modem.
When I have the non Internet issues, the landline phone still works.
All lights on the NBN device are blue.
I can't ping the modem on
I have one time, when I've had the dropout, unplugged the Wan cable from the NCD to the Sagemcom modem and plugged my computer's Ethernet cable directly into the NCD device and I get the Internet working, but obviously no phone.
Reverting back to the "normal" wiring, and no Internet but landline phone works, until I turn the modem off and on, sometimes multiple times.

As I need/want the landline component, which needs to come from the Sagemcom modem, what can I do as a workaround?

I was thinking of connecting an Ethernet splitter, plugging it into the NBN gateway port, reconnecting the to Sagemcom modem, so I can get the landline component.
Then plugging in another router to the splitter, and connecting my computer, printer and other computers to that router to get my network and Internet connectivity.

What would be easier, I think, is if I can get the SIP settings and Username/Password for Sagemcom F@ST 3864AC & Soft Phone Settings

How do I get this fixed without spending hours and days calling Optus, which never resolves my problem BUT always being assured that it will be.

Besides the techie issue above, I'm also still being billed for my non active HFC Cable account, which I've also been assured will be resolved and a credit issued shortly.

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Right, so to cut the story down, your "FTTC" is just fine. It's the S@GEMCOM they have provided which is faulty. I would be asking them for a replacement to begin with. 

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

Have already got one replacement, and just today got a phone call that they are sending me another one within three days.

Just wondering if the new one has a later Software Version and/or ConfigId, which may be causing my issues.

Hope my Plan B thoughts on using an RJ45 splitter gets some response to see if it might be viable or I'm just wishing it is.

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We received communication back in April confirming that we've pushed out Software version 10.70.1_F@ST3864V3_HP_OPTUS.

The SIP Settings are almost impossible to get a hold of. Unless you work out a way to find them yourself, it's not something that our consultants will give out. 

The Splitter option might be viable, it's worth giving it a shot. It's not something that should be required of you. 

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As for the billing issue, the service should be disconnected as soon as the NBN order has completed. The disconnect order should trigger as soon as we've detected usage from your NBN modem.

Sounds like that should have happened by now. I'd really suggest jumping onto Live Chat or reaching out to the team on FB or Twitter. As long as you're up and running on the NBN, they can go in and manually cease the service. Are we billing you for the NBN service? 

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Thanks for the reply.

Have spoken with one of the Case Managers, who assured me that I would get a cheque refund for my April Cable direct debit, within 7-10 days and would halt the upcoming direct debit for which I have received my bill for May, and cancel my Cable account.


No. Not received a NBN bill yet, but the same Case Manager said she would need to speak with IT as there is an internal technical issue.

The NBN bill should be zero for the first six months as I took up the special offer before the end of February, which when I signed up for 24 months gives me the first six months free access ($70) and the Domestic Saver call pack ($5) and Mobile Saver call pack ($5) as well, as I had issues in getting an NBN techie appointment to install the NCD in the first instance.


It has been disconcerting when ringing the 13 number that I have to choose whether I want to deal with the Cable account or NBN account after entering my phone number.


Each operator I have spoken to in the past have all been curteous and assured me that my issue would be resolveed, but sadly no resolution yet. Fingers crossed.

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Just got my third replacement modem on Monday and it has version 10.87_F@ST3864V3HP_Optus firmware.

Got a phone call from a Case Manager on Tuesday who asked me how my modem was working.

Sadly, have had to reboot it twice since Monday, 3 days ago.

Have also, again raised the issue of my old cable account and refund cheque.

Awaiting delivery of the splitter from eBay

Thanks for the response.


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