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F@st 3864V3HP Modem reboots randomly


So I recently switched to Optus as I had issues with Telstra, but now I seem to have worse issues with Optus!

The Optus Modem randomly reboots itself. Sometimes it does it up to 4 times in 30minutes!! Each time this causes at least 2 minutes of outage as the modem starts back up.

Optus was so kind to send be yet another brand new modem (2nd one in a month, how lucky am I?) and this one lasted from 12:27:07pm (When I started my WWW ping) to test stability up until 1:26:47pm when the first reboot occured. Now the modem was running for at least 15minutes prior to this as I was still doing the configution. The ping started when I had all the devices reconnected..

My second reboot was at 1:37:22pm. Note this is not the NBN dropouts. This where the internet is complete dead and so are all the lights on the modem except the power light. As the modem reboots the green lights start coming back as the services initialize.


So my question is why are the modems doing this??



Re: F@st 3864V3HP Modem reboots randomly


Why does the earth spin? In answer to your “why does a modem reboot”...


generally a ROUTER reboots in response to a fault or bug in the software. Often it’s duento the fact that there is a large amount of data and it isn’t coping.


its very rare to have two go faulty the exact same way. I don’t understand why you are ping flooding your router though. This may be contributing to the problem as it’s having to stop what it is doing to reply to your ping.

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Re: F@st 3864V3HP Modem reboots randomly


I am using PingInfoView to ping www, and to see when the router goes down. I only run these pings when I am facing the "DROPOUTS" according to Optus Support to see how often they occur. If the router cannot handle a 32kb ping to the outside world every 5 seconds then there is no way it can handle me using teamviewer, Microsoft Teams and Skype calling for work, nor can it handle the 2 Fetch TV's boxes, my Phone, my wifes phone, my mother in law's phone, nor my 2 kids's phone when they want use Netflix, Catch up TV or even Youtube as that comsumes a lot more bandwith and also rely on a 2 way communication to ensure data has been sent and received correctly...


So me pining a site has nothing to do with the issue that both routers does the exact same thing. Reading other threads and the product review, it seems that I am not the only one and so far everyone's advise has been to get a proper router!


But before I do that, I will wait for the NBN technician they have booked for this afternoon to see what he says...

Re: F@st 3864V3HP Modem reboots randomly


So no NBN Technician yet as NBN tested the line and the line is fine. No surprise there. I was offered a new router today as Optus just posts out door stoppers left and right! I then got upset with the service I am receiving and told the case manager that the Optus Router a piece of sh!t and I don't want another paperweight. She got so upset that I called it a piece of sh!t that she ended the call! Maybe the Optus call center has a built in feature that if they hear the words "SH!T ROUTER" 3 times in 1 call it ends the call automatically!


I currently only have my Laptop and the Fetch TV Connected to the router to see how long it remains stable before rebooting again. Maybe this Router is not made to have Mobile phones and Tablets connect to it as well as the Fetch TV and my Laptop. Maybe its a single use device! Needless to say as I was typing the above sentance the "NBN Dropped out" again as its never an Optus issue... Time to do what this forum and others have suggested and just go buy my own router so that I can forget about this SH!T OPTUS SAGECOM Router!

Re: F@st 3864V3HP Modem reboots randomly


did this end up fixing it??


Re: F@st 3864V3HP Modem reboots randomly


Nope. I even bought my own modem and still have issues. I have my service with Optus and they have a service with NBN. The modem rebooting is actually a great feature, as the Netgear Modem actually stops the internet every few hours. I then connect to the console, press the connect to the internet button and within a few seconds I am back online!!! So something on the line is causing something to happen on the routers.... So the Optus Modem reboots itself very frequently when this happens, and the Netgear locks up. Either way, there is an issue with the NBN line and Optus just refuses to do anything about it! They phone me every 2nd day to follow up and follow the same troubleshooting steps each time, hoping that the isssue will magically fix itself inbetween when they phone me...


They even sent an Optus Technician to my house. He investigated the phone plugs, saw my Netgear router and said I saved him some troubleshooting steps already by having a non Optus Modem connected. So him and his sexy assistant for the day left and I never heard back. Optus doesn't even have a record of him every being here, so since 8 May when I opened the case with them, they have done nothing except phone me every 2nd day to find out if the issue has magically dissappeared by itself. So I finally had enough of their S H ! T support and told them to close the damn case as they are too useless to fix it. So now I will be too lazy to pay my bill and I will hope it also magically goes away on its own!!!!


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