F@ST3864V3HP Rebooting Regularly

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Switched from Optus Cable to HFC NBN recently & received the newer 3864V3HP router.


Device seems to reboot several times a day which is slighty annoying when streaming, etc


Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Have switched back to the 3864AC in the interim.

Re: F@ST3864V3HP Rebooting Regularly


When it reboots, what is happening in terms of the network use?if it keeps doing it under load, I would contact Optus technical support and state you’ve done the same thing with two different Optus devices and ask them to replace the faulty v3.

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Re: F@ST3864V3HP Rebooting Regularly


Doesn't seem to be linked to high load, etc

Just more of an impact when streaming (due to temp loss of connection)


Will raise with Optus support! Cat Sad

Re: F@ST3864V3HP Rebooting Regularly


I've had the v3HP model for about 7 weeks -  and so far, no dropouts at all.

Even impressed with the 5G Wifi . . . .   Overall,  very satisfied  . . . .

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