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Hi everyone,


Just had my Optus NBN service activated this week and received my SegemCom F@ST3864V3AC router as part of this service.


I have young kids at home and need to use the Parental Control featuers on this router, in particular the URL filtering.


I have found an article explaingin how to do this: 


however when I get to "URL Filter" Under "Parental Control" and click on the "Add" button I get a blank white page Smiley Sad
I've tried multiple browsers on my Mac (Chrome, FireFox and Safari) , and multiple browsers on my windows laptop and even tried it on my iPhone and all do the same thing. All other menu options work, apart from the Parental control under advance options.


Rebooted the router a couple of times also and still no joy...


I got in touch with Optus support, who could't help and said to get in touch with SagemCom! 


Has anyone else experience the same issue? Any idea how to work around this?


Thank you 

Re: F@ST3864V3AC - Internet Filtering



Apparently there is no workaround for your kids googling how to get around your controls.


It's normal for Optus versions of modems to have no useful functionality. There are a load of NBN compatible modem-routers you can buy.

Re: F@ST3864V3AC - Internet Filtering


No system is perfect. Good supervision, online safety awareness for your kids are a good way forward

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Re: F@ST3864V3AC - Internet Filtering


This is not an answer, and not at all helpful.


It seems to me the configuration software on the SageMCOM router is not working as expected. I have the same problem. 

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