Re: Extremely slow download but very fast upload


Not good to hear @WENYE. Can I ask if you've been able to have a chat with our tech team since the issues with the speeds began this time? Have they been able to update you on any pending upgrades for the network in your area? 

Re: Extremely slow download but very fast upload


I have the same situation in Bentleigh East. Called 1st time said this is normal it is peak time and give a try at off peak. 

Tried off peak as a same result. 

Been told they cannot do anything about it at the moment due to some congestion. 

May get better next month and they don't have a time frame.

And speed is not steady at all. Way worse than the cable connection. 

I don't know it is Optus issue or NBN's issue but anyway, if the NBN hasn't been ready yet when pushing customer out off from cable to NBN? And been told if do not change by certain date, internet and landline service will be cut off.

If the basic cannot be offered properly, How fancy the advertising means nothing. No is always easier than yes!

No Optus?

Re: Extremely slow download but very fast upload


That's definitely not good to hear @Icar_motor and we're really sorry it didn't work out the way it should. Is this something that you've since raised with our Faults team for further investigation? You can also find our troubleshooting guide here → . Please do contact us here →  from PC so that we can investigate.

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Re: Extremely slow download but very fast upload


Getting the same issue as well.


Also dropouts multiple times a day.


Nothing series linked on my fetch TV will download because it is interrupted by dropouts and slow speeds.


Also disappointing is that the nbn modem does not have a workable wifi range - it drops out if you're not next to it. Much worse than ADSL.

Re: Extremely slow download but very fast upload


I was getting great speeds all the time up until the other day, download speed is a little slower, but upload speed is basically 5% of what I normally get for this time of evening. 
If its a CVC issue, please buy more bandwidth for the Bass Hill/Georges Hall nodes. 


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