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Extremely slow NBN speed in The Ponds NSW

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Extremely slow speeds in The Ponds NSW 2769 both for my house and mothers house. Cannot do university work. Cannot watch streaming tv. Cannot get through on the phone to you guys. No documented outages. I have done everything suggested in your support page. Please help. Have university exams coming up to study for. 

Re: Extremely slow NBN speed in sydney

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I suggest you invest in a back up option if a connection is important to you.


Grab a prepaid SIM so you can tether any equipment. Cost is $15 for 45Gb and then top up for $1 per Gb from then with this offer .


Peter Gillespie


Re: Extremely slow NBN speed in sydney


Sounds like you've followed the steps for slow speeds NBN troubleshooting?

Last step is for Further Help to please contact the technical team on the number listed.

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