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Mobile Outage Northern NSW has now been resolved 2PM AEDT
New Contributor Manson
New Contributor

Extremely Slow NBN (FTTN)

Can anyone offer any advice, I am so over poor Optus Speeds, I took on their Fetch TV bundle with my internet and I can almost never watch it due to poor speeds and dropouts. 


I took the highrest speeds and this was taken this evening (which is most nights) at around 8.40pm, I dont think I'm expecting too much and am close to finding out how to get out of my contract as the service I'm paying for is far from what I recieve.


I even had to hotspot to my phone to load the optus page on my laptop!


Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 8.44.33 pm.png

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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: Extremely Slow NBN (FTTN)



Doesn’t make sense to me.   Fetch requires a minimum of 3mbps and you are getting over 10mbps.



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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Extremely Slow NBN (FTTN)

Sorry to hear of the issues with your NBN. You definitely shouldn't be having any issues with Yes TV by Fetch or browsing websites with 10mbps, so we would need to investigate your line for any other issues.


A fault case can be raised with Tech Support on 131344 or via Live Chat. If a fault is found that cannot be fixed, you can speak with Retentions on 1300300427 to discuss options for your contract.

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