Extra charge on my bill


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So, I’m using the Optus $40 Sim plan and $60 NBN plan as well. I just recently upgraded my NBN to $80 Optus Ultra Entertainment NBN plan. But my bill now has a total of $126 dollars. I tried to talk about this issue in the live chat but no luck. I wanted to know what is thar extra $6 and will it reoccur in the future?




Re: Extra charge on my bill


Hey @Arbin, without taking a look at your bill I couldn't make any accurate statements but did you switch your plan mid-month? If that's the case, there may be a prorated charge in there. I'd recommend checking out our page on the bill breakdown here.


If you'd like us to check it out for you, please send me a PM with your account/service number, full name and DOB Smiley Happy

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