Everyone with Slow NBN Read this before moving forward


If you have found this you have really crap internet and your an optus subscriber.  I am really sorry to see that .. I too find myself in this situation but ive managed to conduct a bit of research and also have a bit of understanding of how this NBN stuff all fits together.


Firstly .. this is a 100 percent Optus issue.    Troll through these forums and you will see most posts are all the same .. my 100/40 NBN connection is working at 1-5mb during peak periods


Secondly .. this is NOT "stupid NBN" or even an NBN problem this is Optus.      Every RSP buys bandwidth from NBN.  The nbn is broken down in different ways but eventually it comes down to your suburb area and that network is hosted on what the NBN calls a CVC (i believe it means Community Virtual Circuit).  This is where the issue exists.  this is where most of the bandwidth is throttled.   Optus pays for a certain bandwidth and if they have two many connections it gets congested.   a good RSP will pay and increase its CVC bandwidth thus restoring  bandwidth to end users.   Problem is this is really expensive and I dont belive Optus want to pay the money so they are happy to just drag everyone along until the people eventually lodge a complaint with TIO or ACCC then they will let you leave but only after they have taken your hard earned and provided nothing but bad service.  Remember 90 percent of their userbase will be mum and dad punters that have no idea how any of this works and will tell the kids to stop complaining.   


My first call to Optus was met with ohh your internet is working what is wrong .. It didnt matter i was getting 5 percent of my connection speed .    I logged a complaint with TIO and then put a thread on here and was told to contact the retention team(seems to be a common thing on here).  I need internet for work and study so i organised a connection through Nuskope on my second nbn port.  It took 1 hr to provision from the time I submitted the request to the time i was using it.  i was able to compare connections side by side .. optus 5/20 100ms ping, nuskope 93/33 30ping .. this confirmed what I was thinking all along and gave me hard evidence that the CVC issue is occuring.   dont listen to optus when they tell you they need to upgrade their server and they dont know how long it will take, this is all rubbish to keep you keen and in the dark about them not providing what you pay for .     


Make up your own mind but if you dont get a resolution within the first week of this pull the trigger and log a complaint with   (telecomunications ombudsman).   This company is taking your money.  they can blame NBN all they want but they are all lies.   


I hope this helps someone!!!

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Could not agree with you any more. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. This company is fleecing us of top dollar account fees while not paying for more CVC's to alleviate congestion.  I currently have a complaint in with the TIO and Optus have until the 14th to respond. I know what the response will be......."you can get out of your contract with no penalties" Great, so now I have to find another  provider and are they going to be the same?? And what about the 2 months I have paid for top tier speeds and received dial up like speeds. No compensation there I guess. 


Great article. Well done. 

Re: Everyone with Slow NBN Read this before moving forward


Really sorry to read about your experience with the NBN @TezzaP Smiley Sad Can I ask what our Customer Retention team advised when you had a chat with them? Given there's no ETA on any upgrades for your service, they should have provided you with some options for the service going forward? 

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i havnt spoken to them yet im waiting on the TIO people to get back to me.     lets face it if they want me to leave ill leave but i want half my connection charges back becuase if had to reconnect with another RSP to get service that Optus will  not supply because they wont increase bandwidth on CVC's that are currently oversubscribed.  thats Optus problem.   

Re: Everyone with Slow NBN Read this before moving forward


I see, okay. It's best to wait for our 'customer relations team' to get in touch to discuss what options they can offer. Please keep us posted on how you get on. 

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Re: Everyone with Slow NBN Read this before moving forward


Hi, TezzaP, thanks for your post.


I have started complaining about the speed as well (4Mbps at peak hour unstead of 47Mbps during the day).

Have a look at my post on Yes Crowd: "NBN fast speed too good to last !"


I did not go to the TIO as yet but called Optus NBN support ... Same BS reply, we are upgrading but can't give you an ETA, yeah right !!

The guy (Pripesh) was going to give me $10 discount on my bill to keep me happy ....... Not anywhere close to good enough.


I called NBN after having called Optus and they did confirm that Optus was not buying enough bandwidth for the amount of customers they have (it does not stop them advertising to get more customers, on TV, Facebook and other platforms).


After my post on Yes Crowd, I got 2 private messages, the first was also BS and the second was also asking me to call the "retention team", never heard of them, don't know what they do.


I will start by shopping around to see what is on offer (and also do some research about those providers), after I will call the retention team to hear what they have to say and if not satisfied, I will move to the final stage, the TIO.  


Optus is getting too BIG and too greedy, they cannot cope anymore and don't want to spend the dollars.

It's a shame because what they are offering on paper is good and they could have a lot of happy and faithful customers like I was if they kept their end of the bargain and provided us with the proper speed services that we are paying for.


The other thing is that the government should step in, the NBN is their baby and companies like Optus are giving the NBN a bad name, I was pretty happy with my 50/20 plan for the first 3 months, actually 25/5 for 2 months and then upgraded to see what 25Mbps more was doing for my son's gaming, and then it started going downhill about a week ago ( I think that I was one of the first house connected when NBN became available in my area in Novembre 2016). TIO cannot do much appart from solving individual problems.


Bottom line is, don't get an NBN plan with Optus at the moment, do your homework first.

Re: Everyone with Slow NBN Read this before moving forward


Well done buddy and thanks a lot. What I wanna do now is just Leave NOW! Will lodge an complaint and hopefully will get some feedback.

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I have noticed the same issue and called the optus NBN support and the same script of answer as NO ETA and Upgrading Servers. One thing which was fishy happened there was, when i did speed test in optus ookla link it was showing me i get 50 MBPS or 80 MBPS where as any other speed test was showing only 1.5 MBPS download and 2 MBPS download through the direct ethernet connection. Upload speed is all matching. I susspect if optus is doing something in the background. 


I pay for a business service and today the consultant on the phone was saying that its only during th peak period the internet speed drops so you have to adjust. They make me pay for 24/7 for the service not for a partial service. 


Something needs to be done against these guys. I am planning to move to Telstra NBN eventhough its expensive, i might get what i was promissed. Any comments from guys changed service to Telstra. 





Re: Everyone with Slow NBN Read this before moving forward


Really sorry to hear that you're having an issue with the speed @jeeva. As others above have mentioned, if you've had a chat with our tech team who have advised there is no ETA on an upgrade and you wanted to have a look at other options for the service going forward, please give us a call on 1300 555 241 and we can discuss this with you.

Re: Everyone with Slow NBN Read this before moving forward


Speed test 120317.jpg

Sunday afternoon:


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