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Error Connection Reset RE:


Hi there; long time reader, first time poster. (Apologies in advance for the lengthy post).

I recently signed up to an Optus FttP NBN plan, and was given a Sagemcom F@st 3864 modem/router to use. Everything seems to be working, except I am unable to access on the PCs that I have.


I have tried using GC / IE / MF browsers; none work as the connection somehow resets. The AV I have installed is Kaspersky Total Security, and I have rung their support team who then advised me on how to disable their firewall and general protection. I tried clearing all temp files within the browsers and on the PCs in general (both running Windows 7 HP SP1 and using an administrator account). I tried private browsing mode. I tried restarting the PCs on safe mode with networking. I checked to see if there were any proxies. I factory-resetted the modem at least 5 times. Tried connecting via Wi-Fi and LAN. I tried pinging the IP address, with success (4 packets sent/received, with no packets lost). I tried updating all relevant software. I checked that the red ethernet cable is connected from the fibre port to the Uni-D x port (where x is the number that corresponds with the number indicated in the Optus Welcome Letter).


The only way for me to access that IP address is to use my small Android phone via Wi-Fi.


What options do I have remaining? Do I have to uninstall my AV to simply access that home page? Am I required to purchase another modem/router at my expense? Am I required to utilise the Optus Premium Technical Support?

Needless to say, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Error Connection Reset RE:


Hi, First welcome to the Sagem nightmare LOL Smiley Surprised. Sounds like you have done most of what I would have tried myself, but I just continue to try, turning on and off, pushing reset etc until I win, hopefully.

When you enter the I.P. address in your web browser, do it without the http://. only enter the numbers..! If you are on a google home page it will try a search, this will be useless, so watch out for that. Also, only connect via the ethernet and if using a laptop, ensure that the WiFi mode is disabled when you are connected. Some units still maintain WiFi over ethernet despite the cable being plugged in.

Safe mode with networking and Firefox is a good idea, also disabling your AV and any other malware etc would be adviseable. As to your connection state, my setup is, WAN port to NTD terminal UNI-D, LAN port 1 to Desktop computer, Lan port 2 for connection to laptop when I need to access the router (suh as you need now) 3 and 4  are spare. WiFi is for all other household connections.

If you can try to use a different computer / Laptop with wireless disabled and see if you can log in.

These were all the tricks I tried and I finally found I had nothing more than lockout because the ethernet and Wifi from the same unit were in conflict.

Strangely enough, this is the first router that I have ever had that I can fully access the Administrative functions via WiFi, not something I beleive is a safety protection feature.

OK, That's all I've got, sorry there is not more, Hope there is something helpful you can use.


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Re: Error Connection Reset RE:


Hi Jeff, and thanks for your response.


  1. Yes, I did try typing in the IP address as is (without the prefix protocol);
  2. On the PC connected via LAN to the modem, I did disable Wi-Fi to ensure it was connecting only via LAN;
  3. The safe mode with networking idea did not work (still resulted in the same error, and this was in spite of AV being disabled);
  4. Current set-up is Fibre to NBN NTD Uni-D x, LAN 4 to main PC, LAN 3 to (media redacted), LAN 2 to AP router (currently switched off while I resolve my dillema), with LAN 1 being empty (I have my quirky reasons for this set-up, and they are irrelevant to my original question);
  5. I have already tried all the PCs in my control, with no spares available to me (I have access to one, and they are currently unable to provide it to me);
  6. I have currently factory reset my modem, and have checked for potential IP address conflicts (none present);
  7. I am worried that if I use the Optus Secure Profile, it might lock me out (rendering my exercise futile, and requiring me to start over again) - that said, all modems I have had previously I could log on to the router via Wi-Fi (and technically could remotely access it if I remembered the current IP address and relevant port number);
  8. Yes, I was made aware of an ensuing nightmare - I errounously chose to be optimistic. That said, I would have kept my previous modem there, and instead I chose to upcycle it elsewhere.

Knowing all of this, if anyone has any other ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Error Connection Reset RE:

[ Edited ]

I posted my solution in another thread, and have decided to retroactively post it here and mark it as the solution for my thread. Spoiler below:


The issue was a matter of the actual default IP address - changing the IP address to any other private IP address (via my mobile phone) enabled me to access the webpage on my PC.

The only other thing that needed to be done was to release and renew the IP configurations, as the modem's IP adress is also the default gateway address (unless you have a two-router set-up, which would be uncommon - in that case, if the device is connected to the internet via the secondary router, then the default gateway IP address will be that router's address).

Solving this dillema seems to have also solved my other post's dillema (possibly because of the potential IP address conflict between my modem and router? I will never know...).


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Re: Error Connection Reset RE:


Thanks for the update and your post @nbn

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Re: Error Connection Reset RE:


Default Gateway IP Address can be different. You must check control your default DHPC ıp adress. the ip address usually, tp-link modems using. The solution resets router/modem device.


Re: Error Connection Reset RE:


Dawn!!. Was so looking forward to see it though....

good to see you sort it out. 


sounds like, your PC was connected to the AP and was given ip address range A. When you connect back directly to the modem you have IP address B. Any when you try the 192 address thinking it is the modem but was the AP. A quick ipconfig/renew and ipconfig /all should give you your gateway IP address. = sagem setup page.  Smiley Very Happy

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