Duplex connection issue - FTTP


We've recently purchased a duplex that should have FTTP, the NTD is in place and lit up, the adjoining property is online but no RSPs are able to see us as RFS. NBNco says we have further work required but won't specify what it is or supply any specific timeframe so we are operating off Optus wireless for the time being.


Is Optus able to help resolve this issue or do we just have to wait for NBNco to complete the work?





Re: Duplex connection issue - FTTP


Optus can't help unfortunately. I went through torture dealing with NBN direct a year or so ago as well so I hope you get some movement soon.


I actually ended up writing to the communications minister back then to actually get NBN to do something and funnily enough, got a call within days after weeks of no response from NBN. Could be an avenue for you to look at, alternatively they do allow you to lodge complaints with them online as well (that team were useless for me though). 

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