Dsl light off, phone says NO LINE


This morning i turned off and uplugged my tv, router, modem ect. So i could neaten up the leads behid the cupboard (tv cabinet). The  i reconnected everything but the home phone say no line. When turn off and back on the dsl light on the router flashes green then turns off. The internet/wifi is working fine but no home phone.


The modem is connected to the nbn ethernet port on the wall and power.

The router is connected to the modem and power.

Then the dsl cable connects from the dsl port on router to the home phone.

But the dsl light flashes for a few seconds then turns off (won't sinc?).?

Re: Dsl light off, phone says NO LINE


You are using NBN right? If so the DSL light is meant to be off. Since your internet is working I presume that you have connected NBN ethernet port to the WAN port of your modem. Check that the telephone cord is connected to phone1 and to your telephone. Is the phone1 light turned on at the modem? About the phone, was it working before  you did the clean up? Could failed registration for your phone.  Try turn off power at the wall for the NBN box, Optus Modem wait for a few minutes. Turn the NBN box, wait till all the lights are steady, turn the optus modem on. Check that the phone1 light is on, if yes, then check your phone. 


If not phone1 light, then contact optus technical support. Happed to me once, gave technical support a call and resolved over the phone(mobile since the phone is not working )/

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Re: Dsl light off, phone says NO LINE


Sorry it's been a while, @Cashion. Were you able to reconnect your landline? If not, please hop into Live Chat so we can take a look at this for you.

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