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Disappointing NBN


I've been an Optus customer for over 20 years and have always been happy with the services, plus any follow up customer service or support, but the switch to NBN has been a wholly disappointing experience.

Not an issue as such, but it required 3 visits from NBN techs to connect NBN to the house - surely a better business model would suggest a single visit for connection. Then 2 visits were required to get the in-house NBN box working. A hit to NBN’s bottom line, which is possibly reflected in the cost of NBN, and then the subsequent under-purchasing of capacity by Optus and other providers.

The Fetch box didn’t arrive and when I called to check, the agent said it hadn’t even been ordered. He put in the order, offering 2 boxes for an additional fee - only one has arrived thus far.

During this time, whenever I’ve tried to use Livechat the links are inactive - clicking them to no avail - tried mutliple times in multiple browsers.

However, worst of all, and this has been ongoing since the switch, is the constant outages, with the worst day yesterday - lost count of how often the NBN service ceased, returning a while later. Happening again this morning. Possibly Optus unable to cope with Xmas holiday period streaming demand.

This forum, and media reports, suggest there is no point in phoning tech support, given it seems to be an Optus wide issue and not local to my premises.

Optus need to buy in more capacity, urgently, or return us all to ADSL where the service was considerably more reliable.

Re: Disappointing NBN


I still havent worked out why the line drops out. I had assumed it was something to do with the crappy modems, but a friend trying to run a doctor surgery says their other expensive ISP and modem is still dropping out. No matter how congested, the modem should stay attached to the line. It also should reconnect if it drops out.

Re: Disappointing NBN


Disappointing to hear of your experience with us here so far @CoastPH. When you get a chance can you send through a private message with the full name, account number and DOB attached to the service so we can take a look at the connection? Tano

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Re: Disappointing NBN


Have Cable NBN.


Line drops out every 5 seconds or so - a Ping Monitor program confirms this. Fetch TV get disrupted recordings. Contacted Tech Support a number of times "we will reset the line" - doesn't fix it.


Now Live Chat doesn't work

Re: Disappointing NBN


I was told that a technician would come out to resolve the constant NBN drop outs. Rarely on for a few minutes before it vanishes, and can take an hour or so before it is available again, only to dropout soon after. This has been going on for months. Day before yesterday I called again only to be told there was nothing Optus could do to resolve the problem. I am am paying $100 a month for nothing and can only access internet reliably via my Telstra mobile hotspot. I have lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and will be seeking termination and refund.

Re: Disappointing NBN

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Sounds like you've experienced an even worse service than we are enduring, and it's frustrating enough here having to wait several times during a Netflix movie for the internet to return - we all groan together, as the kids lose connectivity on their iPads etc. at exactly the same time, obviously. It's astonishing that a service so far below acceptable is being forced on us. Optus sent a letter saying we had to switch to NBN, otherwise we'd have stayed with ADSL, given the appalling reputation of the NBN as reported in the media. The moderator above is yet to respond to my private message, but given the time of year we'll allow a little more time to see if he/she has any sway with Optus before contacting their Tech people and possibly eventually the TIO. Hope your situation is resolved eventually.

Re: Disappointing NBN


Hey @CoastPH, I've replied back to your PM. I've listed the results of the diagnostics we've performed for you from our end. Feel free to chat with us there, we'll try and get to the bottom of this one for you. 


@Sewings, you're more than welcome to send through a private message with your account details. I'll need your full name, DOB and account number. If we've ever given you a fault reference in the past, if you could send through for us, that'd be great. 


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Re: Disappointing NBN


I am in no way tech savvy, but NBN has been the worst 'upgrade' since the internet went global. Dial-up was more reliable! 

Re: Disappointing NBN

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@Queen_Pen wow, that is bad, not sure your rememer the speed with the dialup, there will be no way to watch youtube, downloading a 1MB file took over 5 minute and not to mention that the connection got disconnected as soon as someone pickup the phone. However, point taken.


I still have a 14.4 modem in the garage if you are interested. 

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Re: Disappointing NBN

I am sending this through from my PC via my Telstra phone Hotspot as my OPTUS NBN landline connection doesn’t work. I can’t assume that OPTUS has much to offer to resolve my issue on a forum such as this as the formal support which I have called upon numerous times did not nor are they interested in. In fact, the last conversation with an OPTUS representative said, “there is nothing we can do to resolve your problem”. So, no I won't private email the OPTUS with contact details (you can look that up on the database) as people should know that the 'forum' (this PR machine) and support (non-existent) are unconnected and are simply scamming us all. I lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman last week and received a response that this is progressing and a letter has been sent to OPTUS. I am requesting termination of my account with annulment of all fees and reimbursement of $2,500 for lost time, revenue, inconvenience and false advertising. I suggest you do the same. You can access the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman here If you are interested in a legal Class Action please contact me, and this would be separate to the current action that is mounting against OPTUS.
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