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Deceitful NBN Migration

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I was recently in store upgrading my current cable broadband bundle to the NBN. When I asked the sales rep about carrying over any previous promos on the account she advised me to follow up with the sales team about any discounts and had my dad (being the account holder) sign a standard agreement form. After a lengthy phone call with optus the general consensus after being transferred from sales to technical support to migration to retention was that any discounts are applied at the point of sale.


So is there any way of finding out if any discounts are applicable and/or still able to be applied to the account? Or is the only way by speaking with the retention department after the NBN service is activated?


Re: Deceitful NBN Migration


The store CANNOT transfer "discounts" across, especially from older grandfathered HFC plans on the older Optus Network. So this isn't "deceitful", you're asking them to maintain things that are well past their expiry date.


If you want NBN, you need to agree to a new deal with Optus, or choose another provider. The only discounts I've seen applied is 6 months of 50% discount for transferring over but this isn't available via store, only via phone or chat as it's a special retention offer. As for the $10 discount if you have mobiles, that would continue but that would be it. You won't be getting any "free speed boosts or anything" that you had on your old account.

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Re: Deceitful NBN Migration


Optus has already been heavily fined for decieving customers about transitioning to the NBN. The process is actually very clear cut in so far as any transition involves a brand new contract which you negotiate with Optus (or any other RSP). You were essentially signing a new contract with new terms in the store and this wasn't only not made clear but you were given the impression that further changes could possibly be made down the track.


Technically the sales person has stepped very carefully. Consumer law though is about your understanding in signing up. If you were made fully aware of the fact no existing discounts would be applied would you have agreed to the deal? If not then the representations made would render any contract void. 


Your deal is already effectively concluded so you can contact Optus at any time to find out what your monthly payments will be and what services/speed/etc you have signed up for (it still amazes me that Optus can seemingly make 100's of deals a day without providing any clearcut documentation provided of what the deal actually is.)


You can also contact Optus cancel the contract (that may involve discussion and perhaps require the TIO Ombudsman to get involved)


Peter Gillespie

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