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Data indicator

I don't know if Optus people take suggestions this way but I couldn't find anywhere on its website that allowed me to - but I'll give it ago.

As you know, the Optus app has a useful 'dial' which shows how much data has been used and how much time is left in the billing cycle.  So does the Optus website.

However the app's 'progress' tracks anti-clockwise and the website goes clockwise and they also show the data left in slightly different ways (the app uses a dark line to show how much data is left rather than how much has been used, as is the case with the website).

I would prefer to see the dial represented the same way on both - my preference is to use the websites format as to me, going clockwise is more natural to follow.

Just a suggestion that I hope Optus can work with.

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Re: Data indicator

Hey there @NeilTJ. Thank you for bringing this suggestion to our attention. 

I've just gone ahead and marked this post as feedback, so our relevant teams can have this reviewed for future purposes.

If you ever have any other suggestions or questions for us, always feel free to reach out again 🙂 - Kyri 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community.

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