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D-Link Viper 2600 not working on NBN


So I have had my NBN connection installed today - technitian came and checked the NBN connection itself - its all working fine.

My modem/router that I had needed to be changed to get working internet so I went and purchased the D-Link Viper 2600 whiched stated NBN-ready

when getting home to set all this up it isn't getting internet... tried some of the different settings and so far nothing has worked.

I went back to my sagemcom modem which did work (found it buried in a cabinet) but it is only single band wifi - I wanted dual band for my house set up.


Are there set up instructions specifically for this modem to work with optus?


Really confused with the whole situation


Re: D-Link Viper 2600 not working on NBN


If the Sagecom works then the DLink Viper will work. What NBN connection type do you have? FTTN?


If you have a NBN modem with a single ethernet connection then plug that into the WAN port of the Viper.


Peter Gillespie


Re: D-Link Viper 2600 not working on NBN


After a few hours fiddling around with the modem I worked it all out. I have a FTTC connection to answer that question.


So - using the Viper, when connecting through their wizard set up it tried connecting to either adsl or vdsl (your choose from a down down menu). I was reading through the Optus setting for their different services and working out what I had access to.

So after I tried the wizard I went to internet setup in the Viper's dashboard. Changed the setting to ethernet instead of auto/adsl/vdsl options which it defaulted to. Most of the websites I was on said the wizard will select the correct settings - It ddn't.

after selecting ethernet connection I went to advance settings and turned on Nat enable and PPPoe passthrough. As soon as I hit those, BAM it was working.

Speed test run, wifi network active. running at 97mbps downstream and 42mbps upstream.


It all came down to that the set up wizard didn't put in a compatible setting for NBN connection (it did however do it for the ADSL line when testing that).


Propblem solved.

Re: D-Link Viper 2600 not working on NBN


Thanks for sharing the steps that got you through. I would have been surprised to find such a good router couldn't handle the NBN properly.


Peter Gillespie

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