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Im an optus cable n switch to nbn.

I spoke 1 of the sales on the phone last friday 8/9/17

 Then i called back the 12/09/17

Need to find out my order number and when the technician gonna come to my house to connect the nbn. And nobody know what the hell is goin on.nobdy know when i plc the order.i gave them my all my details my account no everysingle detail.

And they said i have not plc the order yet.but it has already place the order on the 8/9/17

 I have been talkin to the optus person for nearly 3 hrs and nobody know what the hell is goin on?

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Sorry to hear about this, @FAIJONG82. If you send through a private message with your full name, account number and DOB attached to the service, I can look into this for you. 

Re: Customer service


I have been calling customer service for 1 week now and agree no one knows what is going on. I posted on here got a private message asking for my details then NOTHING. The only part of optus that is running smoothly is the billing department . Call the ombudsman and complain. 

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