Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN

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Optus, you should be disgusted with yourself. Your customer service is deplorable. I advise anyone changing to Optus from another service provider to STOP IMMEDIATELY and find an alternative. If you are already an Optus customer and being told you need to change to the NBN, than again I advise you to STOP IMMEDIATELY and find an alternative provider.


Optus do NOT care about their customers, they simply give you a blanket response to every complaint, if you can find someone to complain too that is and will delay your complaint as long as possible. Optus is all about corporate greed and robotic responses from ill-informed employees signing people up to the NBN when they are UNABLE to provide the service they are signing people up too. CONGESTION CONGESTION CONGESTION and they are FULLY AWARE of this, yet they continue to sign more people up.


I have been waiting for over 3 weeks now for my service to be fixed, with the Internet continually dropping out every 3-5 minutes and at times dropping off for hours on end which than leaves me with no Internet, no fetch TV but more importantly NO WORKING TELEPHONE, which I NEED due to a life threatening heart condition. After explaining this more than 12 times to the copious amounts of customer service representatives (What A Joke) all I get is, "I'm sorry for this problem". Are you *MODERATED* kidding me... Optus are you going to buy me a mobile phone (Not with Optus) so I can call triple 0 if I need too? I am on a contract with YOU and YOU Optus are NOT providing me with the service for which is in that contract. BREACH OF CONTRACT. But this is something Optus loves to do. 


If you are on the cable $90 bundle plan or any other plan for that matter, than it would be in your best interest to remain on that plan until you absolutely have to swap over to the NBN and then when you do, find a different provider. We had no problems for many, many years on our $90 cable bundle, high speeds always above 90 Mbps, phone always worked as well as Fetch TV, now we get download speeds, WHEN our Internet connects and doesn't drop out, at 7.1 Mbps. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we might get speeds of 15.3. Our uploads are now at a poorly 0.38 Mbps or 0.97 Mbps but never above 1 Mbps and we are paying for 100/40 NBN.


I've spoken with over a dozen people, all of which have the same blanket responses, I've had 3 Optus Technicians come to our home, an NBN technician and yet we are still no closer to a resolution. I've had to deal with a supervisor who wouldn't allow me to speak and continually spoke over me in a raised voice, speaking to me like I was a naughty child that needed to be scolded, attempting to make me feel that in some way this whole debacle was my fault. This said supervisor who has a questionable character and needs a lesson in how to speak with human beings, assured me he would call me back before 5pm, this was at 11:45am, do you think I received that phone call?That was 3 days ago. Woman Mad


Seriously, once I have informed Optus with a problem, I want to be able to talk to the ONE person until such time as my issue is resolved. I don't want to be transferred endlessly within and outside of Optus. I don't want to spend hours of my time going in circles and being told contradictory information by different people. My time costs as much money as anyone Else's!


This whole experience has taught me many facts;


  • The tax payer paid for a 100 MBPS network only to now see Optus and others carve up the speed into quartered lots, essentially we build a highway- they close all lanes except the ones you have to pay extra for.
  • Customer service is now non existent to cover this sham. The only way you can complain is to write (in this day and age) a letter or suffer endless looping phone answering layers to eventually end up nowhere.
  • Same with their so called Chat function, their online feedback form which rarely works. Its all part of the ploy to avoid the issue, hoping most will just give up. Unbelievable, when a so called communications provider just cant and wont communicate.
  •  Highly experienced and valuable support staff do NOT man the phones leaving us, the Customer, with no support, proving it's all just a facade.


Lodge a complaint with the TIO I hear you say, yes I have done that but I am not surprised to learn the TIO is overwhelmed with complaints, besides I feel it is a little ridiculous that I needed to lodge a complaint with the TIO to try and get a resolution. If the customers billed Optus for the hours involved, they'd go out of business. But of course, we cant do that.


If you are reading this as a customer or tentative customer of Optus than PLEASE save yourself  NOW and do NOT sign up or remain with Optus. I am under medical instructions to reduce stress. Situations such as described here are extremely stressful but for Optus it's just normal business practice.


Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


Good use of colours.


I must admit I'm a bit trepadicious at moving from Optus Cable to Optus NBN these days (My area is due in a couple of months and it will be interesting to see how fast Optus junks its own service once the NBN goes live (yes a pretty callous strategy).


I'm surprised you don't have a mobile phone, but rather than putting your life into Optus hands, grab a cheap mobile yourself. This one for $50 would do the trick. I don't think you even need a SIM as they all can reach 000 even when locked. But if you need a SIM just grab a $2 Telstra one (again no plan needed to contact 000)


FWIW four technicians visiting in just three weeks seems pretty good follow up. Sure they haven't been able to identify the issue but at least they're trying? I was actually assuming you got that response because you were eligable for Priority Assistance but interestingly enough Optus do not provide such a service - I would definitely recommend anyone relying on a landline for health reason take Optus suggestion and sign on with Telstra. From the critical info summary:


Priority Assistance We do not offer Priority Assistance. Telstra is a provider who does.


FWIW just because something goes wrong doesn't make it a breech of contract. It just moves the contract into the remedial, compensation or exit part of the contract. I hope they correct the issue soon. If not your health situation or just the lack of service promised should enable you to break the contract and move to Telstra without fuss. Optus seem amenable to letting disaffected customers on the NBN go.





Peter Gillespie

Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


@MsFrustrated Thanks for taking the time to send this through. It goes without saying that this definitely isn't the experience we want any of our customer's to have.


It's understandable that issues can occur with a connection, what's important is the service you receive while seeking a resolution. If you would like me to check your account, and follow up on what's being done, please feel free to send a private message with your account number, full name and DOB so we can follow up. 

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Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


Completely agree that Optus no longer care less about the customer or the service they purport to supply.  I wish i had read some of these warnings and should have known better as I have had friends with problems for the last year with nbn and the ridiculous reasons given for it not working or being available were unbelievable rubbish.  For example:  you need to turn the microwave off - hilarious if it wasnt actually said as a solution to the problem.  i have spent hours attempting to get help via live chat all night, turning things off, unpluging leads, of course leaving the connection become disconnected, then joining the cue again.  i have been transferred from one so called department back to another and then the same again over and over until the last man 'Valerie' said he would transfer me and hung up.  Unfortunately for me, I cannot use my home phone to call for help as it isnt working at all now.  the light isnt even showing and the only thing i get to hear, if anything is the busy signal occasionally. The shop staff were fantastic over the years i have been with optus and would phone and resolve problems with a positive attitude and interest in helping customers, now they are fantastic signing you up and then couldnt be bothered.  i was told to ring optus' help number myself.  Complete Waste of Time and if this is what they think i will be putting up with i wont be.  I had excellent service almost all the time with broadband and when anything went wrong it was a minor hiccup.


Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


Hope that Optus is still going to be willing to allow dissatisfied customers to break there contract.  i have had broadband with them for years and nbn three days with no phone and hours wasted on live chat being passed from person or 'department' to 'department' and even getting disconnected following instruction.  Have to wonder if the people who answer the phones sit there laughing when they do and say or suggest some of the things they do.  Disgraceful! Disappointed! and if problems are not resolved shortly will be over and done with them for good.

Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


@Serenity1, sounds like it's been a bit of a saga.


At this point, you haven't been able to find someone who was willing to investigate?


We hadn't raised a problem report for you? If you've been in touch with our fault team, I'd expect that they'd have covered off some of the crucial diagnostics.


Had we determined whether it was an issue on the Optus side of things or was it something that requires us to reach out to NBNco?


You're more than welcome to send us a private message. I'll need your full name, DOB and account number. I'll need you to follow the URL I've linked below:



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Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


Hi Dan,
I just wanted to add to this thread that indeed, customer service has dropped to pretty much non-existant levels at Optus. 
Go back 5 or so years, and your customer support was well, in a word, excellent. 
We could ring up, be on hold for about 5-10 mins, talk to a real person, and get our fault/query answered before hanging up.
These days, well, just read the comments on here, and Facebook, and Twitter. 
People call, get on hold for 40 mins to an hour, rarely speak to a human being, faults on-going for days, sometimes weeks. 
Now, I gotta say, my own dealings with Optus have been better than most people here describe, I remember yourself taking care of my activation issue with my nbn last March. But now, I think enough is enough on behalf of all the customers.

This thread needs to be shown to upper management, I'm sure they have no idea what is happening with their own business and how this word of mouth of lack of care is spreading like wildfire. It will be the death of the company in a few years if you lot dont sort out your lack of care and customer service now, not later.

So here is what I suggest. 
Firstly, that call center in the Phillipines, it needs to close down. Yeah the help is cheap, but not one of them knows what they are doing. NOT. ONE. 
Open a call centre here in Australia, hell, we are all being charged enough so the bigwigs at Optus can certainly afford it. Even if its only 100 staff, or even 50, as long as they are actually trained better then the people in the Phillipines, people wouldnt mind waiting 30 mins to speak to a real human being, as long as the problem we are calling about actually got solved. 
Hire a handful of social media customer service reps. People are continuously voicing their anger and frustration at the lack of care and customer support on Facebook and other platforms and comments and queries go unanswered for days, or again, weeks. Your a telecommunications business, your whole business is based on COMMUNICATION, yet, as we see time and time again, there is very little to none on here, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. 

Now im sure this rant will not be shown to Optus upper management, and the business will continue to decline. But if you Dan care about your employment, and care about Optus, I and everyone else im typing this for, urge you, to forward this on to your bosses, and their bosses, hopefully the CEO will read this post, and make changes before its too late.

Respectfully yours,

Chris on behalf of every single Optus customer.

Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


I was an IDIOT of not doing any research before switching to OPTUS. I was with IInet for 4 years 1 week ago with a big fat ZERO problem, now after switching to OPTUS, internet drops out and inability from connecting to the modem WIFI have been a constant problem.


I have not yet to contact OPTUS about this problem because I know that they CAN'T fix it. Why? Because if IInet has no problem, then why OPTUS does? I am stuck with this for the next 24 months. If I can with a lottery worth $3000, I will cancel my service straight away.



Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


That sounds like cuttin gyour nose of to spite yourself @wn


Sounds like a faulty modem which you can just request a replacement for.


If the drop outs continue after they've had a chance to troubleshoot then you're free to request Optus end the contract and you can sign up to another provider.


FWIW at this stage I highly recommend chooseing RSPs that offer true month to month NBN plans. They're generally more motivated to get things right (otherwise you can leave anytime you want)




Peter Gillespie

Re: Customer Service is Dead at Optus - DO NOT CHANGE TO OPTUS NBN


I agree 100%. Optus call center is offshore and have no clue. They work from a script and have no idea.

Our NBN has been down for a week.

To cut a long story short if you have HFCNBN you are screwed. 

That technology is not working and the NBN people say it could be 7-9 months before a resolution.

Of course Optus didn't know about it. But they and Telstra no longer offer that service.

If you are going to use Bombay Bob in India update their script.

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