Constant speed issues


Hey everyone, been having issues for three months I have fttp and was getting 80mbps down and 40mbps up constantly then around three months ago my connection flat lined and I can't figure out why, the white sagem optus modem I have gets around 15mbps so I tried my mates black one and same speeds, I called the ombudsman and as soon as optus got the complaint they rang and offered me a new sagem dual band wifi, so now I have two wifis the 2.4 band doesn't work at all and the 5ghz band does work sporadically but it only works for a little bit then the speed tests says 0.1mbps up and down and when it does work I'm getting around 70down and 1mbps up


What can I do? We had amazing internet all the time until this started I've replaced all the Ethernet chords etc

Do i need to go and buy a modem from Harvey Norman or something 


Re: Constant speed issues


First thing is to work out if the issue is between you and the internet or in your home.


You should be doing all tests over a cat5 ethernet connection (i.e. not via wifi) 


Suggest you remove all equipment from your Optus modem. Do a factory reset of the modem. Attach one computer to the modem via ethernet cable. Do some speed tests. Optus should also be able to confirm your line speed (between them and your modem).


If this doesn't result in 80+ Mbps speeds then it seems very likely the issue is with the NBN/Optus (Given you already replaced the modem). You can request Optus arrange the NBN to test your line and maybe send out a technician if needed. 


FTTP can easily do 100Mbps when configured correctly (it can easily do 10,000 Mbps FWIW)


Peter Gillespie

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