Constant drop outs


I got nbn installed a couple of months ago. Ever since then I have been in an internet nightmare. The drop outs are so bad that it’s basically on for a couple of minutes and then drops out for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it’s just off for hours. I’ve never been able to watch anything on fetch. I’ve spoken to Optus tech support about 15 times. What a joke. They all tell me to turn it on and off, reset the modems etc etc and the whole time my blood is boiling because I’ve done this a million times myself on my own. I tried getting a range extender but of course I can’t connect it because that requires internet connection. I work from home and need internet for that and have had to use my phone’s hotspot which has made my phone bill astronomical...and have two kids that go bezerk when their iPads don’t work. I’ve had two nbn technicians come out and do not much at all. They test it and turn things off and on and say it’s all working from their end and when it works they say there you go it’s working, then they leave and it stops working again. This whole thing is giving me a nervous breakdown. i rang up today and said send someone here again, and the CS woman said she wouldn’t and that I have to give it two more days and see how it goes. It’s maddening. Any way hopefully when I swap to Telstra this will all be a distant bad dream.

Re: Constant drop outs

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Are you on HFC or VDSL?  There seems to be rudimentary awareness that Telstra and Optus are doing something wrong with the Arris modem. (Not that it was Telstra or Optus who came up with the idea.)


You should be able to get some of your phone bill back, when you lodge your dispute with the TIO.


Also, someone says the Arris has a design flaw, and the HFC amps are tuned incorrectly

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