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Constant Slow NBN Speeds

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I'm paying for 50/20 NBN speeds and this what I get. For the first week after signed up I was getting about 42/19 which is acceptable, then after the first week it dropped to average of 19/15 and more than often perfrmance is that bad and this is the kind of throughput we're getting. I am an IT professional working in the infrastrucutre sector for over 20 years, I've done more than the usual person can do to isolate end user hardware issues.


There is defineitely something worng/dogdy with the Optus network on NBN. Has anyone else been able to get Optus to own their crap, or is everyone else also getting the "must be something your doing wrong" line? I have spoken to their tech support and once they realised they couldn't pull the wool over my eyes the guy all but admitted that the network has capacity issues.


Anyway I understand under telecommunication law that they must supply at a minimum to 50% of the advertised speeds of a plan, clearly this is not cutting it, time to take action with the telecommunications Onbudsmen, I urge you all to take similar action if your regularly seeing same results. 


Seeming more like a money grab from Optus without buying the capcity to support their "Plans".  The irony is even trying to make this post, it times out trying to attach a picture of the Optus speed test. As I cant attach it the resukts are 11/2. So much for 50/20.


 Optus NBN Speed.PNG


Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


I'm not sure if the telco law specifies 50% as there is no real way of governing it. If it's congested then Optus are pretty quick at fixing it with NBN as it's just about buying more capacity so I'd guess they'd sort it out pretty quick. You'd have more of a problem if you were on HFC cable which requires physical intervention in the network to upgrade.



Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


Hey @AdamDabin, I'd be happy to investigate this further from our end. What @WholsAtlas has described is something that may be a contributing factor. We'll purchase bandwidth or capacity in the form of CVC's (connectivity virtual circuits). Now if we've reached capacity or a nearing capacity then it's very likely that we'll have an upgrade in the works. As you'd likely be aware - depending on the technology mix that's been assigned in your area - there may be different variables that will impact the end users speed. Are you able to provide me with your post code? I'm happy to conduct a couple of checks and let you know if we have something planned for you. 


I'm also happy to confirm that your speed pack has been provisioned correctly on our end. I've seen rare instances in the past where by the customer was being billed for a particular speed tier; however there had been an issue with in our wholesalers ordering systems that resulted in the end user not having access to the speed tier they'd organised. If you'd like me to check, please send through a PM with your full name, DOB and service address. Dan 


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Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


Turns out it was a physical cabling issue.

Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


Glad that has been sorted out. What cabling was it specifically Adam?

Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


Just got my NBN connected this morning 25Mbps package and it's slower than my previous ADSL2 that I have with Optus.


Just spent an hour on the phone with Optus tech support, reset the modem (Sagem f@st 3864) and the speed is still crap. I was getting at least 15Mbps on ADSL2, now it's between 6Mbps and 10Mpbs. TERRIBLE!


Location: Sydney NSW 2000 (CBD)



Last Result:
Download Speed: 6509 kbps (813.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 4657 kbps (582.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 13 ms
Jitter: 8 ms
06/12/2016, 13:30:14

Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


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Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


I have a 100/40 NBN connection,

Day one of connection 1 month ago I was happy and impressed. I was getting close to 95/38

By then end of the first week I was getting decent speeds of 83/32

By the second week I was getting 83/32 off peak and 60/36 during evenings

Third week remaind stable

Fourth week (current) I am getting 83/36 at 3am 8/36 during the day and 1.2/36 from about 2pm till midnight when it goes to 6/36


Really. Tech support says tough luck it's a congestion issue.......

No fix planned no upgrades planned wait it's only 6 weeks old why would it need an upgrade? 


Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


Thanks again for the information Buletjd. I've responded to your PM, best to keep the conversation going there.




Re: Constant Slow NBN Speeds


I have the same plan and I am getting the worst speed 50/20mbps.



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