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Constant Internet Drop out


I am experenceing frequent drop out from NBN-Optus Internet connection totally. A soft reboot the Sagecom modem can restore the connection., but it drops out again after while. It has been like this for one month. It is so frustrating,  as I have to reboot the modem every half hour every day. Today I was waiting for talking to one of the technical support team member,s having my phone on speaker mode for almost one hour. Finally I was connected, but all I heard was, "How may I help you? How may I help you? I have no response,so I will hang up." I was actually answaering, but he kept yelling, "How may I help you?"  Gosh, I was listening to the answering machine "music" over and over for almost an hour and all I got was the hanging up on me. I really do not want to call the "technical team" again. I tried "live chat" many times, but it took forever to load the chat page. It is said the "techinical suport is busy" forever. Anybody had experence of going into Optus shop in person?  Does it help? What is the best way to get help?

Re: Constant Internet Drop out


I have same issue since last 6 months. They dont know how to fix.


They will tell you to change ethernet cables, lodge issue with NBN but no resolution.


You will be told you haven't setup modem properly. Will repeatedly ask you to reset NBN modem.


I changed my modem and bought dLink. Now I dont have to reset modem everytime the connection drops.


Re: Constant Internet Drop out


Thank you very much for sharing your experence and solution. It is very kind of you. I will definitly try your method. Thank you again for your help.

Re: Constant Internet Drop out


@aman_singh Thank you for answering my question and sharing your solution. I am now using dLink Modam and there is no  drop out  happening any more. I am so glad that I turned to YesCrowd for help.

Re: Constant Internet Drop out


I too have considered a change of Modem..... Such a shame this has to happen.

Thanks for the information. I think a Modem upgrade is the only option.

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I have been having similar problems, with no resoloution. I have seen the Buy another modum issue pop up in several different threads.


I am also on my second Segemcom modum supplied bu Optus with a card stating, "You have our Guarantee"  Your goods come with guantees that cannt be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and comensation for any other foreseable loss or damage.


Have you aore anyone recieved a refund or comensation, or did you just bite the bullet and cop the additioanl expense?


Re: Constant Internet Drop out

I think, Optus should change the modem. Why we did not hear any response from optus?

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We moved to Optus about 2 months ago (switched from Telstra). Ever since we switched, the Optus NBN service is beyond hopeless with numerous drop outs every day.

Watching TV and streaming services via the Fetch box involves numerous "connection lost" errors during each show and given that Telstra had none of these issues its 100% Optus poor performance not the NBN.

When you try to get it fixed you are palmed off with "unless its 5 times a day we dont do anything" I couldnt believe a company could be so dismissive of poor service but that was before the World Cup debacle. 

The good news is that Optus are really efficient at getting the bill to me so they obviously invest in something.

As a last attempt does any user have a fix or suggestion - as I say, this problem is 100% down to Optus as Telstra delivered the service without fault for 3 years. Nothing else has changed except I was stupid enough to move.



Re: Constant Internet Drop out


First of all ... if you aren't desperate to use the WiFi component of the supplied SageCom ... disable it. I was getting numerous dropouts, needing to reboot my modem each day and read somewhere that a lot of problems are due to overheating. The WiFi generates extra heat.


So I disabled the WiFi on the modem (I used my old ADSL Modem Wifi for 12 months and now just bought Mesh wifi, both simply connect via an ethernet cable to the Sagecom) and now only get a lock up of the SageCom probably once or twice a week. It appears to be a modem fault as all lights go hard on, reboot the modem and its working again.


The only issue with buying another modem, is most won't directly maintain the analague/phone/voip handset in your home, so if you have no home number perse, you can shop around for any good VDSL2+ modem. If you want to maintain your home phone/fax as well through your NBN connection with a third part modem, you may also need to buy and configure one of the 'Cisco SPA112 Phone Adapters'. (I saw a good post on how to get one of those $69 adapters working for Optus NBN somewere).

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Hi everyone, Sadly the problem is very simple....."Sagemcom F@st 3864 Modems" are  not reliable, up to the task and are being used ass the one and only piece of equipment issued to all OPTUS customers.  I was an OPTUS customer on NBN for 2,5 years and I tried repeatedly to bring to their attention these problems, always with a promise that it would be investigated.  Fortnately for them I suffer from PTSD and so time loses meaning and I recycle it al and start again. I finally left OPTUS a month ago and went to an all Australian providor, who supplied a vastly superior modem.  Even without proper configuration it tripled the wireless speed of the Sagemcom at the moment of plug in, the range is better and it is 100% stable now.  What is more exciting, is they will give me the SIP codes if I decide to purchase my own VOIP Modem and help me set it up.  This is what proper service is like, not forcing you to have last rate equipment and tech support, who, when it is escalated to their tier 1 level is so stumped by the problem can only suggest that you look on "YouTube for a solution.  Yes, that is what happened to me..!!  I eventually made my system work after much trial and error, to a satisfactory standard, but now I realise just how much I was missing out on.
You need to lobby OPTUS, as I did when I was asked why I was leaving the NBN, challenge them for a better modem.  Other companies offer clients the standard modem as ppart of the package, it is not free, you do pay for it in the plan, however if you want better, you pay as you would if you bought a unit yourself.  OPTUS could supply a higher level VOIP unit such as the FRITZ BOX, which also comes with its own brand phone for a competetive price, like Internode does, or the Draytek units which are also VOIP and of a standard that can be used in busines environments.  I have owned a FrtzBox, they have a factory 5year warranty and are fantastic bits of kit, coupled with their own phone, there would be no issues once setup.  Sure, you would have to outlay some money to have the better equipment, but surely that would be better than the alternative offer, or paying for a service that you cannot use.
Just my views on the whole platform that OPTUS offers, from equipment to promises. Promises of follow up and feedback that has never happened in 2.5 years.  So, they need to hear more because they say that no one else has complained about the Sagemcom....REALLY..???


My two cents worth,...Jeff

If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!
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