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I live in the Brunswick area and I previously owned 5 sonos speakers, 1 connected via ethernet cable, 1 netgear extender, 1 TV/fetch box connected via ethernet cable, an ipad, laptops and phones connected to my wifi modem, the one provided by optus.

We recently purchased and connected some more devices including a Ring Door Bell, 11 LIFX smart lights and 3 sonos products 1 which is connected via ethernet cable as it’s directly next to the router. 

With this I’ve constantly had to restart my router and have had devices not be able to connect and join the network with the extender constantly loosing connection.

My house isn’t smart wired and I know I’m basically overloading the router and I tried it setup and priority connectiong between the extender and router but it didn’t seem to work as it keeps booting it off network.

So my question is, what should I do? What’s my soultion to my problem without getting rid of stuff.

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Sounds like you are overloading the Optus device. You should identify your method of connection - NBN (FTTN, etc), HFC, ADSL. Simple solution is to purchase a more capable device, if you don't use VOIP; any (better) device compatible with your method of connection should improve your situation.

Re: Connection drop outs


It’s a FTTP NBN connection according to the NBN site

Re: Connection drop outs


What device would you suggest?


Re: Connection drop outs

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Thanks. FTTP requires a router, not a modem-router. I won't recommend any hardware. Have a look at Whirlpool and you should get an idea. Just remember - router, only. Capability is a matter of price.


PS: Netgear and Asus roters seem to be highly regarded. Don't blame me, please.


PPS: If it's FTTP, you should have an NBN modem which connects to the (Optus) router.

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