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Connection Dropouts (Relocation)

Hi All,


Long story short 2 weeks ago I had processed a request to relotlcate my nbn connection to a new address that already has nbn ready. Optus requested a document proving I was the new tenant as the previous tenant still had an nbn service activated at my new address.


Once I moved in to my new place I setup the modem and all appeared well until I noticed to huge drop in speeds 10Mbps down 1Mbps up.


Upon calling Optus support they notified me that I had been downgraded to a basic plan as my previous plans speeds could not be achieved at my new address!


Then came the drop outs, every 5 minutes my connection seems to drop out then takes another 2-3 minutes to come back online, I called Optus support once again and went through the whole router reset tutorial said to wait an hour while the router synced. It’s been 4 hours and it’s still dropping out!


Could the olds tenants nbn connection be conflicting with my Optus connection?

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Re: Connection Dropouts (Relocation)

Hi @James86,


The previous connection shouldn't have any impact on your current service. When you've spoken to our tech team were you provided any fault reference or PR numbers we can take a closer look at? 


If you'd like to send us a DM we can also check your connection from our end.

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