Completed shafted by Optus


I at my wits end with Optus. I have NBN home broadband with Optus. I recently moved to a new address. Service was supposed to be activated a few days ago. I have received numerous phone calls from the NBN/Optus technical people who keep telling me they can't connect to my modem which I've connected at my new premises despite the line being active. Have switched the modem on and off a million times. Nothing.


Have spoken to dozens of Optus online and phone people. All COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY USELESS. Can someone please help fix my NBN broadband issue.


Or put me to your official complaints department because I'm going with Telstra.

Re: Completed shafted by Optus


Sorry to hear you have recived such poor service.


You are not alone.


Take note of who you speak to and when, write down all the reference numbers they give you, print all the online chats to file and the lodge an official complaint in writing to the Customer Relations Group.

Once you have done that follow it up by submitting a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman who have a simple on line system.


Good Luck, you need it.

Re: Completed shafted by Optus


Ombudsman will get quick action

Re: Completed shafted by Optus


Things go wrong sometimes. It may take a few days for technicians to come out etc.



It might be an NBN issue in the line or the modem at fault or something in your house.



If Optus/NBN can't connect to your modem then request a technician come out and test your line in house.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Completed shafted by Optus


Hi @ChipMolly, really sorry for the inconvenience caused and so sorry on our late reply to your post, we've been a tad busy lately! I hope that since posting you've been able to get in touch with someone to help out with this? Please do contact us Here if you still need a hand

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