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Cmon Optus how hopless are you

I just spent 20 minutes on the chat having an absolutely useless conversation.  Transferred to every team except the right one 4 times.

All I want is to upgrade my speed.  I have a enterprise grade router and mesh wifi but they insist on pushing their "new" modem and a single wifi mesh AP.  Then I'd have to but another 2 APs to cover my house costing me ever more.  I don't want these surely there is an option to not be force fed this useless hardware.

Oh but you get 4G backup they say.  Well that would be great if my house wasn't in a 4G blackspot.  Bad enough my Optus mobile drops out regularly because of the crap coverage.  If I wasn't locked into contract I would have already moved my mobile service.

I can go to other ISP's and get same speed with no extras for $20 per month less.  

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Re: Cmon Optus how hopless are you

Hey @gunnah, thanks for reaching out. Its not great to see you feel this way and so I have gone ahead and flagged your message as feedback onto the relevant teams for review.

Before we add on a speed pack, we do run some checks on eligibility and service just to make sure that its an appropriate fit for your connection. Nonetheless though, whilst we are unable to organise add ons via this platform - we would recommend having a chat to our dedicated NBN sales team whom will be able to advise further and walk you through this process.

Our teams are available over the phone at 133 937 and would be more than happy to assist 

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