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I have Optus nbn with a Sagemcom Fast3864V3AC router. When I try to setup a chromecast 2 dongle, I get an error with a suggestion to check router settings from google home as follows: 

1. Check that AP isolation (or guest mode) is not enabled.

2. Check that per to peer (or multicast) is enabled.


Ive logged into the router and tried settings resembling these, no success. Optus live chat were no help. I can't find a manual for my router online ( only quick start guide), and emails to Sagemcom have gone unanswered. Can anyone help please?

Re: Chromecast not setting up


Hey @Barny1406 - We've found the guide for your modem here → However there's no information around Chromecast in there.

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Re: Chromecast not setting up


I had the same problem - after switching on multicast and disabling AP isolation it still didn't work.


Then I found that changing from the default multicast IGMP Snooping setting (Blocking mode) to Standard mode did the trick:



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