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New Contributor fleatech
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Choosing FTTP over FTTC

My Optus connection is slated to be switched over to the NBN early next year. It is listed to be FTTC.

My premises has an old, unused Telstra copper connection, last used over 10 years ago.

I have been with Optus Cable for over 15 years.

Can I request an FTTP connection rather than FTTC.



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Re: Choosing FTTP over FTTC

You dont get to stipulate what technology NBN installs as part of the rollout. 


Once fttc is live you then can go through the process with nbn called technology choice.


Optus will not pay for this, its up to the owner of the property to do so. 


You would need to pay the non refundable cost of the quote.


Most likely looking at 3-15k dollars for this process judging by other people who have tried.


I have fttc and have no issues, Optus only offers up to 100/40 speed tiers for any of their consumer plans anyway - so not really worth the expense at this stage as fttc will deliver the same result (unless tge wiring in your house is very bad to start with) 

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Re: Choosing FTTP over FTTC

@Paddylee answered your question. Let me add that in practical terms FTTC and FTTP are pretty much as good as each other. Both can do 300+ Mbps easily (and NBN only really sells up to 100Mbps now anyway). No doubt a few years on FTTC customers will get a fairly cheep option to go FTTP but at that stage you'll probably wonder why you would spend the $300 on identical performance.


Peter Gillespie

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