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Cheated by Optus Telemarketer

An Optus telemarketer called and tried to convert me from my ADSL + Fetch month to month plan @$90 per month to NBN + Fetch month to month plan @$85 per month.  He repeatedly reassured me there will be no contract terms attached.  He sent me an online form to sign and there was no contract period attached so I signed.

The next day, Optus sent me a signed contract with NBN + Fetch 24 months contract plan @$100 per month.  Is this legal??  Are there no customer protection in Australia?

I wrote a complain to hidden and there was no reply for over a week.  I used the chat function and the Optus helpdesk say he cannot make changes to the contract.  He advised me to call Optus.  I spent over 30mins listening to music while waiting for someone to speak to, and when I spoke to someone, she says she cannot make changes to a contract.  I told her to cancel the service and she redirected me to someone else, putting me on hold for another 20mins.  When someone finally picks up, the line was cut off.

I am a loyal Optus customer since 2014 with 2 mobile plans, home broadband and office broadband all with Optus with no intention of switching despite cheaper and better plan with Belong.

I am hoping someone at Optus bother to savage this broken relationship because I am definitely going to complain to TIO and ACCC on this fraud.  I am also slowing shifting all my plans to Belong.  I don't mind paying more but I can't work with cheats and liars.  

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Re: Cheated by Optus Telemarketer

You're mostly running up against Optus (finely tuned) incompetence. You're not on a contract and can leave any time. The only thing you're up for is the Optus 4G modem. It costs $250. You have to pay for that but its reduced by $7 every month you stay at Optus (so free after 3 years)

Yes Australia has some amazing consumer protections. But the current Optus plan is $90. It sounds like they gave you a $5 discount to entice you across.

At this stage it appears you have yet to receive a bill? I'd suggest waiting for that as Optus is deliberately incompetent when it comes to confirming the deal you made for the core service they offer. No one gets a simple (correct) summary of their plan (most don't get sent anything). Optus focus on the bill.

That said, the first bill when you transfer between plans at Optus is always amazingly messy (and often they haven't yet applied discounts etc.). Just wait for a month or two and see how it shakes out.
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