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Occasional Contributor ZAZ
Occasional Contributor

Charged for replacement modem

At optuses bidding they sent a new white modem then a black modem.

The speed issues over wifi still exist at 28/14 best

Ethernet over the couple of laptops that do ethernet running windows ten 48/28

Technical blame game continues and now slugged  $247 on the bill to solve e problems.


See you in VCAT Optus and full story in the western advertiser is in the pipeline to warn people not to respond to your adverts as they get grief.

ACMA complaint next Action for non delivery of advertised 50 mbps speed we are paying for.


TIO and High end nbn support waste of time just got slugged.







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Contributor SteveGee

Re: Charged for replacement modem

Chat page works best

refunded for black modem.

Still have speed issues.

Good luck on speed issues folks

I think beyond Optus control

although they have been made accountable based on ACMA public press release.

You must get what you pay for.

No excuses OPTUS get your act together or GET OUT

Aussie Broadband are offering speed free services why would they do that?

it will get worse before it gets better.

And wifi 2 G is a soup/zoo out there with 23 channels only available

and Telstras insisting on WIFI sharing from everyones household.

Steve Gregory
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Occasional Contributor ZAZ
Occasional Contributor

Re: Charged for replacement modem




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