Changing the Optus NBN Modem's Default IP Address

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10th Nov 2016, 1:09pm

For those who have been supplied with a Sagemcom F@st 3864 v2 NBN Modem/Router by Optus ("the Router"), you may need to change your default IP address (whether it is for privacy or browser compatibility reasons). Here's how to do that:


  1. Check to see whether you are able to access this link from the device you are currently using - if you are unable to, it means you may need to use another device (such as an Android or iPhone) connected to your Router (either wired or wireless is fine) to complete these steps;
  2. Once you are able to access the above link, click on Advanced Settings Icon;
  3. Now click on Advanced Setup;
  4. At this point, you should be able to see the below menu:
    Make the suggested changes as highlighted.

At this point, you may want to make a backup of your new configurations. To do this, click on Management, and then click on the Backup Settings button.


You're all done!

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-Terry (@nbn).

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