Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.


Thinking of moving from ADSL2 to NBN?


My overall experience of Optus is very positive but here are a few issues which I have encountered and I would like to share them with you so you are better prepared for the switch from ADSL2 to NBN.


1. You may connect your NBN modem and phone with ease but no one warns you that you may not receive incoming calls for up to seven days (something to do with being 'actioned by the back end team'). Your callers will hear a ringing tone not an engaged tone and you will be blissfully unaware that someone is calling because your phone doesn't ring.


2. If you hate that anoying call waiting beep when you are in the middle of an important call make sure you request it to be removed completely because it comes free with the package by default. The second caller just thinks your not picking up and that your answering machine is switched off.


3. If you paid your ADSL2 by direct debit don't assume that your information will be carried over to NBN as they are handled by two separate departments and the NBN account will have a new account number. You will need to set up a new direct debit agreement so you don't default on the first payment.


4. Did you have paperless billing with your ADSL2? Again, don't think that this will carry over to NBN. My preference was reset to paper billing for the NBN account and I had to change it. You may even have to have your prefered email address re-recorded on the system.


5. You need to make sure that the new account is connected to your 'My Account'. You may find that you have no access to My Account when transitioning from ADSL2 to NBN and you will be told that it will become available again when the first NBN billing period starts....don't count on it, the likelihood is that you will have to chase it up. I thought I had sorted it on 'Optus chat' only to find several days later that nothing at all had been done at all. I finally spoke to someone conscientious on the end of the phone who fixed it.


6. All those privacy settings on your profile that you carefully browsed through and selected will be reset to Optus' default; so when you are finally able to re-access your account don't forget to go through them again.


7. When you receive that first NBN bill you will probably be slugged a month in advance as though you were a new customer. But if you are an existing Optus customer, didn't that happen to you when you started with ADSL2?  You have just paid in advance for the second time and effectively been billed twice for the first billing period because no one thought to refund that first advance fee when your ADSL2 ended.


With regard to item 7.... because the first NBN bill had already been issued I have been promised a refund on my second billing period. Watch this space next month and I will tell you what happened!

Re: Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.




Well worth pointing out the issues @Sputnik and I would like to add a few comments.


1)  The installation leaflet that Optus supplies does inform you that they will need to activate the phone line and you will get an SMS to inform you when the line is active.   This should take place with 30 minutes of you phone being connected to the modem.   From comments I have read if you don't receive the SMS jump on online chat and they should be able to activate the line immeadiately.


2) I had none of the issues you had with the billing accept the first month's bill will show an extra charge and this was credited the next month.   There is a blog from Optus explaining the reasons.   I kept the same account number and the NBN service appeared in My Account and my all my settings remained the same.   The only issue I had was both my NBN service and my old ADSL service showed in My Account and I did wonder if I would be charged for both services but that didn't happen.   I would add that Optus accounts and billing are not the easiest to understand and some strange things seem to happen.


The advice I would add is if the NBN technician needs to install a connection within your house insist it goes where you need it.

I needed to be quite firm with the technician as I think they will try to install the connection where it is easiest for them.


I have written a couple of blogs on my experience of migrating to the NBN so if you are interested this is the link;







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Re: Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.


Nice post Sputnik. Might just add my 2 cents to a couple points as well.


1. I don't use my landline so didn't have this problem but definitely worth noting if you have FTTN or FTTC technology in your area (where they using existing copper landline for part of the way) you will likely find all but 1 of your homephone sockets stop working. I believe a licensed electrician can re-wire this at your own cost however I'd suggest getting a cordless phone set up where the base station can sit with the modem and have the other handsets around the house.


3. I also didn't have these problems. Sounds like you were signed up to NBN in the "new" system where as your ADSL was in the old which is the reason for all the changes. Still worth being told when you submit the application though!


4. Same as point 3.


5. This didn't actually happen to me. I had to use Live Chat to correct it.


6. Didn't even think of this, going to check now!


7. Back to point 3, I wouldn't be surprised if you get an invoice from your ADSL account with a credit on it for the first month in advance which will likely then be issued to you by cheque. Also quite annoying.

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Re: Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.


Hi Dave,


Thank you for your response. I did read your blogs back in December prior to making a commitment to change to NBN. I actually commented on your blog to my husband as you made a reference to Liverpool FC (I am a red and my husband is a blue). There are a lot of subscribers now wondering what I'm taking about, but I'm sure as a Liverpool supporter you are on the same page as me, LOL.


Our deadline was fast approaching and I left things as late as possible in the hope that all the negatives about NBN would have been ironed out. On the run up to our conversion we had to have our landline restored twice by Telstra (actioned by Optus) as the NBN technicians had disturbed our ADSL2 connection when working at the node point on other customers connections.


We didn't have issues regarding the placement of our phones as our connection is FTTN and our existing wireless DECT phones were compatable; this meant that no technician was required at the house and our modem and phones remained in their original locations.


Regarding the Optus installation leaflet; we did receive a text to tell us we were now NBN ready; and a phone number was provided if there were issues. It was at this point our saga with incoming calls started; possibly hampered by the Christmas period. Our NBN connection was on the scheduled date of December 27th, however it took an online chat session and three phone calls to get our incoming call connection sorted on January 2nd by the 'back end team' I refered to in my first post. The responses from the Optus operatives regarding the incoming call connection was a timespan of "three to seven hours", then "'two to three days" followed by "up to seven days'' the later proving to be a more accurate and truthful assessment.


With regard to billing, I was bounced back and forth between two departments NBN and ADSL2, who work independantly. I was assured that no direct debit was set up for NBN and as such I provided my bank account details. I sincerely hope that they haven't stuffed up on that one and double dip, as it is bad enough that they are already charging a month in advance.


It was irksome having to go through all the security details twice and explaining the problems twice. What to one department appeared irrelevant information was actually salient as it had an impact on the overall outcome. I was passed from NBN to ADSL2  to answer one question:- Did I pay one month in advance when I started ADSL2?; and when asked to explain why I required this information I informed them of the advance payment on my first NBN bill, to which they tried to bounce me back to the NBN team without an answer. This happened about five times and it was a bit like the Marx brothers sketch "who's on first base".


Eventually it was the ADSL2 department that stated that a refund would be provided on our second billing, so I hope I wasn't being fobbed off. On asking for a reference number from the ADSL2 department I was initially told there wasn't one however, by the end of my conversation a reference number was provided. A reference number was also provided by the NBN department without asking.


Thanks again for your response, I have left Kudo for you.




Re: Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.

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I do wonder how most of the time Optus gets things right but when they don't no one wants to take responsibility. They need to sort out the problem of when a support staff member doesn't know what to do they take the easy way out of transferring you to another Dept.  It seems to me to be a lack of training and no desire by Optus management to take any responsibility.


On a lighter note I have seen you in previous posts and with a user name of Sputnick imagined a man of my age, how wrong could I be?


Edit. Meant to add the Reds have the best chance this year, a pity for their draw today 

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Re: Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.


Staying on a lighter note Dave,


The draw was a disappointment; let's hope they get back to their winning ways soon. I've even started watching the games of their closest rivals and willing their opposition to score. It is fortunate we are both retired, as each week we are staying up till the early hours of the morning watching the English Premier League.


There must have been someone else using the name 'Sputnick', as I have always spelled it the correct way 'Sputnik'. It was a nickname given to my husband by his grandmother back in 1957.

Re: Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.


Thanks for your input SamSam, very much appreciated and Kudo given to you Smiley Happy


There was a little more detail in my reply to Davelew regarding items 1 and 7.


I hope you found your privacy preferences were in good order.


Kind regards


Re: Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.

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I have placed my NBN migration order on 18th Jan, it’s been two weeks and no one contact me or messaged me. I have contacted them many times during this two weeks and they promised the time for confirmation was changed from 48 hours to 10 business days. Also they promised many times that they will call me back but this also never happened. 

The terrible customer service is pushing me out of Optus. Lock-in contract with Optus is not recommended, think twice when you order.

Re: Changing from ADSL2 to NBN ? - Some pitfalls to watch out for.


Hi Spydery,


Sorry to hear you are having issues. I think sometimes it is just luck of the draw who you get to talk to on the day.


I keep fairly good notes of all my dealings with utilities and telcos and I can see that my request was placed on the 10th December 2018. I failed to receive any updates for our transition from ADSL2 to NBN so I phoned Optus on the 24th December to be told it was scheduled for the 27th December; and I am pleased to say they were true to their word. They also gave me a 'plan reference ID number' and informed me of the new NBN account number.


I had expected some delay because we were close to the 18 month deadline for being cut loose from the copper network in our area, and as a result there where high demands on the NBN crews. I was messed around a little regarding the failure to receive incoming calls, but I eventually spoke to someone who knew what he was doing and he even called me on the 2nd January 2019 as promised to ensure that the issue was remedied.


Hope you can get things sorted soon.


Best wishes.

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