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Changing NBN Account Holder

This is more a complaint than a question. 

I've been with Optus NBN for over 2 years now. I'm moving out of my rented house and need to transfer the account holder. 

I called up, and to my surprise, apparently I cannot simply transfer over the phone (as I had done previously).


They sent me the form I need to print out, fill in, then fax or drop off at an Optus store. One part of the form says that the new account holder needs to provide a utility bill with his/her name on it. I told the customer service guy that the new tenent doesn't have any bills at the house, and asked for some alternative. He says that it HAD to be a utility bill. 

Seriously? That is riduculous. I checked with Optus Sales, and to START a brand new account you only need to provide 100 points of ID. Fortunately, I can cancel my account with Optus as I've held the contract for over 2 years and he can just start a new one. But, why is your system so rigid.

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Re: Changing NBN Account Holder

A good question. You obviuosly need proof of an address and a utility bill is the easiest most verifiable way to get that.


A copy of the lease should also suffice though.


Have you tried the online process ? It may be a bit different from the form.


Alternatively a bank statement will also be accepeted (easiest thing to change their address fast and order one)




Peter Gillespie 

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