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Cancelling Home bundle at the end of a plan... Want the correct info please.



After  2 store visits, 2 phone calls and still waiting since yesterday for a promised call back from a supervisor, I need an Optus moderator to contact me with the correct info.

i have been told to ring ( and like everyone else, phone times are horrendous) again on the 20th to cancel the continuation of my plan., the day AFTER  it ends.. My issue is I have been given different info, and sent  the ' randon letter'  other people are talking about their plan cost changes. And I refuse to be paying anymore for another month of a service that is inadequate.

I do not want to be mucked around anymore...

A simple straight answer, in writing, from someone I can understand on the phone. I will follow through with the procedure as long as Optus do.

I am a 12yr + customer with 3 family mobiles, all net/phone services,  who has found the last few years that Optus has declined in customer service and responsibility for what it sells

In reading these blogs... All people want is what they pay for...

I hope to get the info I need... We'll see.


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