Can't log-in to see Optus account details

Firstly, I spent an hour on the phone with Optus a few weeks ago organising to have the internet installed in the house I recently moved into. 6 days later, I still have no internet. I have spent all day today trying to log in to my account portal on so I can find my account number, a simple process you would think. But all day it has told me there are technical difficulties, and it can't be done. I can only guess Optus has disconnected the internet at my old house, and closed my account. I have been a customer for over 10 years, but the though of having to spend yet another hour of my life waiting on the phone for an Optus representative to speak to me makes me feel sick. So, I will try one more time tomorrow, and if I can't have internet connected by Friday afternoon, I will walk away from Optus and never come back. I hope somebody from Optus reads this, as I am so mad. Contact me on as I can't log-in to anything to do with Optus.

Re: Can't log-in to see Optus account details


Hey @dtxprs11, sorry to hear of the issues. When relocating, your account number may change which could cause the issue with your My Account. If you jump into Live Chat, an agent will grab as much info as you an provide to locate your account and fix this up for you.

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