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New Contributor gogumung
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Can't find my address



Optus can't find the address of my newly built apartment(checked with 2 sales agents) but there is the NTD installed and the green lights are on.


Is there a way Optus can setup internet without the address? I found some kind of ID from the NTD box. It's formatted like this:



Please advise



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Can't find my address



Does the address exist in NBN's database?


Input your address in the required field here


If the address is registered there, but it's not showing in our systems - there is a process.


1). Once we've confirmed that the property is NBN serviceable, we raise a request with our serviceability team to add the address

2) We will out a non-standard order form. We manually book out the connection with the correct address on the Optus side and NBN side of the order. 


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