Can't access to the internet.


Was surfing the net this afternoon about 5, and the internet just suddenly went down and showed 404 website whenever I try to reconnect to the wifi. Now it just showed me the DSL Router page and tell me no internet, ask me to plug in the cable properly. However, I didn't even touch the modem and I'm pretty sure the cables are plugged in properly. Anyone got the same problem? Could anyone please help? Thankyou so much !!

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Same here. From about 6pm this evening, have not been able to access the internet via wifi. Can't get onto Optus support. Can't find any outage notices from Optus. We're in Eastern suburbs melb, where are you?

Re: Can't access to the internet.


ps lots of other people having problems by the look of this page

Re: Can't access to the internet.


ps just found Optus Twitter - NBN outage notice


Re: Can't access to the internet.


Hey guys, just a quick heads up to let you know that the outage has since been resolved. For all updates in relation to Network outages or planned maintenance, head to our Network status page → I've left a brief explanation of the issue below. 


I can confirm that the issue was resolved at approximately 10:40PM. For those of you who are interested to know the reason behind the widespread outage today; it's stemmed from a DHCP server issue. A DHCP server is responsible for automatically issuing users with a unique IP address. Due to the issue, customers were unable to re-connect/renew their DHCP leases. We noticed services coming back online at roughly 7.30 PM however due to the high number of DHCP requests, it's taken a bit longer than expected to have online modem sessions numbers back to normalised/expected levels.


If there's anything else you'd like to discuss with us, let us know.  


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