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Can Optus please fix the Live chat page


I am trying to use the live chat page......

HOME PHONE, BROADBAND & NBN ™>>>>Sales. but it does not work i click on the chat button and nothing happens...I thought it might be Chrome and tried using Edge but that wouldn't even let me Login.
I ordered the NBN  on Friday 7-6-2019 at an Optus Store (Shellharbour NSW) All going well until the Optus person tried to enter it into his Computer.....Apparentley Optus has 2 System a New System and an Old System and i'm on the Old System.
So i had to go through all the rigmarole again as she typed the request for the NBN into an online form, pressed the enter button and waited...and waited...and waited. In the end i was told that it would go through later and that they would phone me with the Order Number ....Thet didn't....So today i go into the store to ask for my Order number and was told that the person who deals with this is Busy Interviewing someone and when he's finished he will phone me...You guessed it he didn't  now i don't know if the order went through or not.
Bloody hell if its going to be like this just trying to get the NBN, what's it going to be like if i do manage to get it. So that is why i was trying to use Live Chat.

Re: Can Optus please fix the Live chat page


Still no word from an aside i went to use the feedback form to complain about the web pages not working and the feedback form doesn't work either.


Re: Can Optus please fix the Live chat page


Hi John,

The Live Chat page is working. Customers that encounter problems usually have software that blocks the chat like pop up blockers, firewalls, etc. Have you tried using Chrome in incognito mode?

What's the link for the feedback form that isn't working?

During this response I notice you've sent through a PM so I'll reply to you there as well.

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Re: Can Optus please fix the Live chat page


I disaabled my adblocker and ant-virus got it to work but was busy ,,,,you really shouldn't have to disable the Ant-Virus to be able to use it.  Anyway i decided to take a trip to the Optus store to see what was happening. Apparentley it got sent but has not been acknowledged yet by Optus.


When i asked why i was told as i am on the Old System it may take a Couple of weeks to go through Smiley Frustrated

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