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Cable to NBN

So I have been NBN ready for over 2 months. I never received any letter advising disconnection although my neighbour I'm on cable and now guess I will be on for at least another 6 to 9 months based on the NBN Co HFC remediation that supposedly now needs to happen.

I am on the $90 pm (no contract) bundle with Fetch and home phone and speed pack.

My Fetch box died a month or so ago following a software/fw amount of reseting soft or hard gets it to boot correctly. So I may as well get them to replace it...but before I do that is there any way I can get the recordings off...happy to pull the hd and connect to PC but not sure of the file formats...just realised this has turned into a Fetch question...oh well...

So anyone know or do I just lose my recordings...I do feel there has always been issues with the major software/fw updates...i have had to soft reset on several previous occassions just to get the latest OS installed, but this time nothing works.



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Re: Cable to NBN

Sorry Graeme,


The Fetch is rigged to not allow any recordings to be taken off. PVRs are great devices but unlike VCRs, a major drawback is that if the device goes you often lose all your recordings. In general Optus only take 1-2 days to deliver a replacement so I'd get that started today and you will probablybe sorted for the weekend.




Peter Gillespie