Cable to NBN contract terms and conditions


First up, I would like to give you my feedback- your customer care service -specially after 5 pm is jusr appaling and horrid!!


I got a letter from optus advising me that NBN is there and therefore please connect. To clarify and ask few questions I called - and the first person told me that this is how it is and if I have any other questions, take it with cancellations team- wow! good job team optus.  

This doesnt end there- I was then put on to cancellation team who rather than answeing my question, advised that he will put me on to another agent who can give me a better deal. -( Atleast this guy was trying to retain Optus customer!)


I then spoke to Levi- my call was at around 530 period-The guy sounded very slow so to strike a conversation I was you sound low- was it a busy day- and his response- why do you care- this is how I sound- and this is not business..I was like wow- this is not customer service like -can I talk to your supervisor and no points in guessing what happened next/? 

He disconnected my phone-!!!

 In any event,, my questions are:

1. Is this the level of service Optus strive to achieve?

2. I am on 24 month contract. However I signed up to get cable internet service- which is seperate from NBN service.  Now more then ever, I want to disconnect my service- Please confirm, if Optus, in these circumstances enforce cancellation fee- even though it cannot provide me with cable service, which is what I had signed up for?

3. The information provided to me by Optus so far is that if I go to some other NBN- it will charge cancellation fee-Please advise how this should not considered as unfair?  First of all this is not the same contract (cable) I signed up for, secondly,  in the event there is another clause that might have stated something to the effect that Optus will provide internet-doesnt matter cable or not, then why should such a practice not be considered as unethical and dishonest/misleading-The optus offers me the service- however the service is $20 higher then others (going for premium speed)


Re: Cable to NBN contract terms and conditions


Hey BV,


Optus has already been fined millions by the ACCC for misrepresenting the NBN transfer process to customers. Sounds like the message is yet to get through to all agents.


1) Optus HFC cable is a special case. All other citizens have 18 months to switch after the NBN arrives but Optus HFC cable customers generally have less than 3 months.

2) This is Optus' decision. They are shutting their network down as soon as possible after the NBN arrives (it is actually owned by the NBN and will be scrapped entirely over the next 36 months)

3) Optus are ending your contract. No cancellation fees apply. They can't force you to sign up to another Optus NBN contract (which was why they got fined for suggesting they can)

4) The NBN means freedom of choice. Switch over to Optus if you want or choose another RSP.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Cable to NBN contract terms and conditions


Thanks you for your response. My expereince and the information you shared indicates that the issue is systemic and concerns are ongoing and not resolved. This conduct, in my view does not meet community or good industry standards. Such a shame. 


One more thing- I dont know if any one else noticed it or not, but I tried my best to lodge a complaint with optus using their online form- and once again no points in guessing- they system just wont let me submit the complaint- I am also therefore concerned if Optus meets Australian Internal dispute resolution standards either! I hope someone investigates these issues

Re: Cable to NBN contract terms and conditions


Unfortunately Optus seems to have a lot of areas where failures of process and communication seem to finiancially benefit the company. Its no doubt seen as clever in the accounts, advertising, tech and management deparments. Optus has continued to post increasing profits despite customer discontent, many regulator penalties and falling customer numbers. But at some point customers will stop thinking of Optus as a contender and start thinking of them as a Dodo company - essentially bargain basement with no effective service and products designed to turn your $40 a month plan into a $200 penalty payment where possible. 


Peter Gillespie


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