Cable to NBN 30mbps down to 12mbps for same price?!


First post- So we joined cable a few months back as per $60 per month on 30mbps speeds.....Yeah great good times!

NOW we have a letter basicly saying if you dont join NBN we will disconnect you.....Okay fair enough NBN whatever...Its meant to be faster anyway right?

So after looking at the NBN plans the $60 per month is 12mbps speed!! under half the speed for the same price we are currently on cable!

But for $20 more you can get 25mbps speed....Still not what we are currently on and more $$$$????

What the hell Optus???? What a country we live in........povo as

And aparantly no one can help me in customer service? Great......itl be like TPG all over again.....

Re: Cable to NBN 30mbps down to 12mbps for same price?!

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Don't let the updated measurements fool you. 30mbps (megabits) = 3.75 Mbps (megabytes)

The difference is in the i and y. In the tech world, this is also distinguished by a Capital M.


So getting the 12Mbps will give you 96mbps in megabit measurements. 

The 25Mbps package will give you 200mbps in megabit measurements.

Enjoy your new NBN package Smiley Happy


P.S. Keep in mind that the speed will not always be as advertised due to factors of your location and traffic during peak times,

but your experience should be similar or better than you current cable connection. 

Re: Cable to NBN 30mbps down to 12mbps for same price?!


I am told that to use Foxtel on demand I will need a 25mbs speed pack. I am currently getting 30mbs on broadband cable so I dont understand how going back to a 12mbs speed pack on nbn will actually work. 

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